The International Vybz Empress pays homage to the legendary International Superstar, Sisqo


The International Vybz Empress pays homage to the legendary International Superstar, Sisqo, with her sleek remix to Sisqo’s legendary “Unleash The Dragon” track. Safe to say it’s a scorpio connection.  Her latest remix gives us an introduction to what we can expect from her in the near future. Vybz Empress, born Janel Monah, always shared a love for the art of music. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY gave her the swag & confidence needed to excel in her career.

“Sisqo is the reason some artists can dye their hair & not get judged. He is a trendsetter, he is legendary, he is just amazing and he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. So I’m here to give it to him”  – Vybz Empress

The track has a futuristic sound, which Vybz Empress created herself. It features the original instrumental fused with an array of sound effects and audio plugins.  This is what Vybz Empress does best, manipulates sounds then fuses them together to create a masterpiece. The music video was shot in Los Angeles California. It features Vybz Empress performing in front of the Staples Center and the infamous Venice Beach basketball court.

Check out her “Unleash The Dragon” Remix (MUSIC VIDEO)

Unique is definitely the word to describe both International superstars as their talents seem to bring them together. Their recent linkup consisted of drinks and good vibes in a VIP section at Josephine Lounge in Atlanta, GA.

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