U’Lyssa prepares to release the record of the year with single “Rock with Me”


Music has a way of impacting lives in different ways. The great thing about music is that it can touch you as early as birth and never leave your soul. When music is a part of your life there is no telling how it will affect you.
Representing the city of Coconut Creek Florida is a young artist by the name of U’lyssa who has a passion for the music business and a talent she wants to share with the world. At the age of 4 she took interest in music and showed her family that she had a voice unlike any other child her age. Fast Forward to age 11, U’lyssa is now a professional recording artist learning from platinum songwriters and producers.

Recently we had an opportunity to listen to her unreleased record titled “Rock wit Me”. This song talks through having fun with her friends during a sleep over and everything they like to do over the weekend. Listening to the single you can tell that she has the right team, production, and engineering behind her. The best thing of course is the voice she displays on the song.

We don’t want to give it all away because we want you to listen to the song yourself when it releases mid-September 2022. So, stay tuned and make sure you follow her on her social media platforms below.

Social Media
Instagram: Shesjustulyssa
TikTok: Shesjustulyssa4