[Video] 2MT – Get it


2MT is a artist/producer collective, known for their diversity in genre and style. Hailing from Glenview Heights, Illinois, Matt & Nick have been creating music and refining their craft for over 8 years and have seen some incredible results because of their consistency and determination, such as recognition with industry giants like Worldstar Hip-Hop, The Source, and Billboard Music. They allow the music to guide their lyrical content, while also drawing from their own life experiences, as well inspiration from music legends like Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Megadeth, Tiesto, and Snoop Dog .

On December 27, 2021, 2MT released a new visual for their song entitled, “Get It”. Having a lot of elements from Chicago’s well-known, heart-throb music, “Get It” delivers the grown and sexy energy, with upbeat rhythms

and dance-style cadences, featuring stellar video production and high-quality editing from Chicago film directors Jarrett Frazier from 1stearthmedia & Christopher Kieferroflix from Kieferroflix at Launchpad Studios Chicago for their amazing commitment at achieving a level of excellence on this visual.

2MT has many plans in the coming year for expansion in the industry, with performance opportunities as well as new music and video content in the works some set to be released by the end of 2021. Be sure to keep an eye out for what is soon to come from this promising duo!

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