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Lamar Love – Used 2 Released 9/5/17
Another Independent Hip-Hop release, but this one may surprise you. Introducing ‘Used 2’ by Lamar Love’. Used 2’ is the hot new independent release from upcoming independent Hip-Hop artist Lamar Love taken from the brand New independent EP release ‘Mucho Dinero’. A re-lease that has been highly anticipated by followers of the Lamar Love.

Being an independent release it is hard for a single to gain notoriety especially in the oversaturated Hip-Hop market it is hard to break through for upcoming artists but the new hip-hop single ‘Used 2’ by Lamar Love has already created a small buzz on social media and reached some of its potential listeners with the help of his viral video on Youtube ‘A Million’. The Music Video help gained hype towards his first independent release ‘Much Dinero’ and New Single release ‘Used 2’ which has already gained airplay nationwide. The hype surrounding the release of the Single and the EP are guaranteed to make ‘Used 2’ a success amongst the hip-hop community and continues to grow and gain notoriety and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as it continues to gain listeners across the country.

The Single ‘Used 2’s fusion of new wave inspired hip-hop and rap has been spreading social
media like wild fire with shares and likes all over Facebook and Twitter and has the definite potential to gain a viral status by the end of SUMMER 2017. Be sure to keep up to date with trending independent hip hop artist Lamar Love on his various social media accounts such as the artists official Instagram, twitter and snapchat pages, Youtube channel and official website as he creates new releases, news updates and sounds of new wave hip-hop designed to be both uplifting and chilled out the sound of this SUMMER 2017. The Single Used 2 by trending New-Wave Hip-Hop Artist Lamar Love is now available to purchase online via iTunes along with New EP ‘Mucho Dinero’. Also available NOW on all other major music stores such as Soundcloud, Apple Music and other major music sites.

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