[Video] Young Cooley – R. Kelly | @Omgyoungcooley


Surviving Young Cooley means being in the presence of a G that knows the streets and knows his women. In the streets what’s already known never needs to be explained. Get Money, Keep Hustling and Repeat.

When it comes to a G and his kind of woman he doesn’t hesitate to explain what he likes. Young Cooley releases his single/video titled R. Kelly. Don’t let the drama around R. Kelly fool you, you should focus on how Young Cooley delivers in a way where flipping the script is key.

Surrounding himself with Beautiful woman, A lot of money in a large house is the Visual for R. Kelly mixed with street lyrics only the streets will understand. Dive into the video yourself and get in tune with Young Cooley.

Dir by MyShitDiesel

Artist Twitter @Omgyoungcooley / IG: @cooleycrazycool

Booking [email protected]

Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/zJ_wW_k7r28