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Independent underdog Carl Wockner translates live acoustic looping into professionally recorded singles 

NASHVILLE, TN – Carl Wockner is what some people in the industry would call an independent underdog. This live acoustic looping artist from Australia is a seasoned veteran who has played thousands of live shows around the world over the course of his career. He’s developed a great career out of those live performances – blending his own unique sound and style into his original music that’s become beloved by a global audience. But like many other artists who faced difficult circumstances in 2020 due to the global pandemic and lockdown, Wockner was forced to sideline his live performing for a time. But in true underdog fashion, he shifted gears and started putting pen to paper, creating a slew of singles that he’s recorded and has been releasing to the masses over the past few months.  

His most recent single is a song called “Fool’s Gold.” Showcasing the acoustic R&B sound he’s become known for, the song explores the deeper side of relationships and the true commitment that comes once you get past the surface things. It will be the sixth single that he’s released over the past six months and will be available across all streaming platforms at the beginning of 2021. Of the singles he’s released this year, he said “Fool’s Gold” will show fans a different side of his personality while also highlighting his signature sound. 

“I’m an acoustic looping artist, so I’m of course influenced by acoustics singers and songwriters who have good lyrics,” Wockner said. “I like to blend those styles with R&B beats. Usually, acoustic guitar isn’t anywhere in R&B songs – they usually feature a lot of keys. But I like to add that Acoustic sound to something with a cool beat, and I love R&B tunes and Pop music. When you blend that with the singer/songwriter vibe, I believe there’s a lot of room to incorporate all the things I love.” 

Wockner started as a full-time musician when he was a teenager growing up in Australia. He toured a lot of the world playing shows and making a name for himself. In 2015, he moved to Nashville to take his music career to the next level and has been releasing recorded singles in the years since. But 2020 has given him a unique opportunity to translate his live performances to original recordings in new and exciting ways.  

“A lot of my earlier recordings are band-related,” he said. “Not that I’m taking the elements of the acoustic looping – which is what I already do live – and translate that into a recorded sound. I want those elements to shine through and show people that it can be done. I want my music to reflect me more as a personality, as an independent artist or an underdog artist. My music should speak for itself. There shouldn’t be a boundary to music based on a textbook. On top of that, I want people to take messages from my songs and the lyrical content I create, while also creating music that can stand alone without the lyrics.” 

Wockner said he’ll continue dropping singles every month, alternating between an original and a cover from month to month. 

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“Fool’s Gold”