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Coach KG offers inspirational message to the masses with new single ‘Mission’ 

SEATTLE, WA – For most of his life Kevin Lee Green has been someone others could count on for guidance and help. He’s been a coach to many people – both literally and figuratively. And so it makes sense that the music from Coach KG would be uplifting and motivational in ways that inspire others to chase their dreams and make the most of their lives. His latest single “Mission” is a perfect example of that.  

The first track off a forthcoming mixtape called “Time Will Tell,” it’s a song that offers the world an inside look at his life in hopes that others would see his trials and triumphs and use his story as a way to make positive decisions for themselves. It’s a story that starts on the streets of Memphis, where he grew up as a standout athlete while also struggling with hustling in the neighborhood. Watching the OGs in his neighborhood inspired him to be more successful, but a series of bad choices got him in trouble. Eventually he moved all the way across the country to Seattle, Washington, and started a new life.  

“This song is about me trying to find my way through Seattle after coming from Memphis,” Coach KG said. “I know I’ve got a purpose. Music has always been one of my loves, and I’m believing in that right now. I’m on a mission. I gotta get it. I remember messed up days – my father, Kevin Lee Green Sr., was in an unsolved homicide in late 2020 – but I’m not dwelling on those messed up days. I’m looking for better days.” 

“Mission” features a nice, smooth, steady tone with a bit of a Memphis feel to it. It’s a song that shows off his unique sound and style – a style that was inspired by some of his favorite artists in the game, such as Yo Gotti, 8Ball, MJG, and Rod Wave, who KG said is the reason he decided to pursue music professionally in the first place.  

“When I first started I didn’t know how to record, and I looked at some of his stuff,” KG said. “I record better with just me and the engineer, just like him. I create Trap music and Drill music, but also music for women and people who are just having a bad day and can’t find no luck. I want to touch on all things in the industry, and I want people to understand that Coach KG is versatile.” 

In addition to music, Coach KG has also started his own shoe company and youth training program called KG Urban Athletics. He’s making a splash on the music scene in big ways, and will follow up “Mission” with two more singles on June 12 and June 26. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: