Eway – I Want It All

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Flash of inspiration leads to hot new hit single
‘I Want It All’ from Minnesota-based rapper Eway

ROCHESTER, MN – There are moments in life that sometimes happen in a flash but end up lasting for a lifetime. For Minnesota-based hip hop artist Eway, that happened one night in a recording studio when he was younger. He was there with his older brother watching as he recorded some music with some friends. His older brother was free-styling on the mic and looked into the booth at him and spit the bars, “I see you out there. Your name ain’t Eddie no more, it’s Eway!” The name stuck and it served as a flash of inspiration for a young artist who hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Eway is making music professionally and on a fast-track to become one of the country’s next big musicians. His new single, “I Want It All,” is the kind of upbeat track that has audiences hopping and playing on repeat. 

“Eway is a name that holds a lot of weight,” he said. “You think something big when you hear it. When people speak it or hear it, they think big. My brother is incarcerated right now and when we have the opportunity to talk, he always brings that up because he called me that. People tend to gravitate to me because they perceive me like I’m already there. I’m bigger than life. I respect people and they respect me, too. I’m Eway and I’m making it big.”

That’s the entire sentiment behind “I Want It All.” It’s a track that tells the world what his mission is and how he isn’t going to stop until he achieves the success that he’s been seeking for so many years. And yet in similar ways to how he was given his stage name, the song came to him in a flash. Like all of his music, he was playing with sounds and producing new beats. As he was making the beat for this song, he just kept repeating over and over “I want it all. I want it all. I want it all.” The words fueled the beat, and the beat fueled the words, and before he knew it, the song had written itself. And since its release, it has become his most popular single to date.

In addition to giving fans an upbeat vibe to have fun with, it’s also a song that shows off his unique style and sound. 

“I have my own unique flow and delivery,” he said. “I have my own style and my wordplay is different. My style is just me. If you get to know me and then hear my music, it all makes sense. I rap about stuff in my life and what others I know go through, and it’s all real authentic. I’m not being like the rest out there. I’m not trying to fit in or blend in. I’m just being me on the track. I produce the majority of my beats and it’s all drawn from emotion. It’s all me so when people hear my music, I want them to know it’s a good artist behind that sound. I make good music. That’s the legacy I want to leave behind – a larger-than-life guy who makes good music that people will gravitate to and want to hear over and over again.”

For the time being, Eway said he’s releasing singles from his catalog of work, but he hopes to lead up to a larger project sometime in 2020. He’s also anxious to show off his skills with some live performances and encourages people to come check him out on Aug. 31 at the Splash Bash in Rochester.

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All Social Media Handle: @Ewaylr