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“Emotion$ 2” Burns with Passion as GB Flame Gets Lyrical about Real Life

LOUIS – Independent hip hop and rap artist GB Flame is not holding back with his latest album, “Emotion$ 2.”Packed with melodic rhymes and smooth hooks, he brings real-life issues to the forefront while keeping it real and offering hope for a better tomorrow. 

“Growing up in St. Louis has made me trauma-informed. Seeing a lot of tragedy and then seeing how people interact with each other in the city made a great impact on my music,” said GB Flame. “With my music, I’m going for a positive outlook and bring some positivity to the world.” 

Combining his love for hip hop and rap, “Emotion$ 2” is packed with songs of both genres. Influenced by Lil Wayne’s iconic ability to deliver catchphrases and punch lines, Flame showcases his versatility by switching from lyrical hip-hop to hard-hitting rap tracks. Setting him further apart from others is his vibe and clarity. “Other than the positivity, I have a lot of music with a fast-paced delivery. I also make sure there is a lot of clarity in the music,” he explained.  

Intentionally choosing to write and record songs void of guns, drugs, and sex, Flame is making a difference one song at a time with content many other artists shy away from, such as mental health. 

The eight-track album, “Emotion$ 2,” begins with “Trip The Great (TTG),” which pays tribute to Flame’s best friend who died by suicide. With a melodic tone and slower approach combined with a rapid-fire delivery, “Trip The Great (TTG)” focuses on the pressures of everyday life and especially those facing the black community. “The song is more about just opening up yourself when you feel closed; just having a conversation and using the words to seek help because, in our community, people don’t speak about those problems,” he said. 

Displaying his ability to perform hip hop, “Contraband” puts Flame in the elite group of artists who can do it all. Representing his gritty side while blending his unique artistry, “‘Contraband’ shows you that I can get on a beat with my lyrics and make positive music there as well.” 

While “Emotion$ 2” is a worthy album and puts Flame in the conversation as an up-and-coming artist to watch, “Want It My Way” may be the album’s best song that showcases the St. Louis native. With a smooth groove coupled with Flame’s poetic rhapsodies, the message is clear: “Want it my way. I don’t compromise.”  

“In this world, we can be negative or positive,” he said. “I want everybody to look at the world through a positive life and realize there’s a solution for every problem. People need to focus on their own business, and don’t worry about comparing ‘cuz the comparison is what kills people’s pockets.” 

In addition to writing and performing, Flame plays the saxophone and piano and is home in the studio. While he relies on others to mix and master his tracks, Flame prides himself is his creativity, ability to adapt, and work ethic.  

With an upcoming music video in its final stages, Flame gives fans more music, which he drops on all streaming platforms. Recently, “Hats Off,” a freestyling masterpiece shot in his hometown, satisfies fans until his next big release. Until then, fans love “Emotion$ 2” for its bold truth, determined lyrics, and melodic mastery.  

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