Introducing Multi-Talented, fast rising singer Mic L. Shawn


The Multi-Talented, fast rising singer Mic L. Shawn is an R&B artist known for presenting quality performances that include original arrangements that satisfy lovers of R&B, Hiphop, Neo Soul, and Jazz. Mic L. Shawn is deeply passionate about music. His musical endeavors, and accomplishments over the past 2 decades reflect just that. He has showcased his talents by singing at military, and sporting events both in the United States, and abroad. Mic L. Shawn was born in Germany to a military family, and has lived many places throughout the world. Both of his parents are talented musically as his father is a singer, composer, and musician. Mic has also been a finalist in a local American Idol competition, and has opened up for H-Town, Shai, and Jagged Edge. Moving forward into 2022 he is now working on new music, which will be released in the summer.

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