Luck Chapo adds another level to Classical Trap

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Luck Chapo has always been passionate about music and recently has taken it to the next level. After taking a short break from his creative pursuits, he began recording and releasing music again during Covid-19. With a brilliant and unique sound that blends traditional Hip Hop and modern Trap into something truly his own, he is building himself up to take over the Hip Hop scene.

Over the course of 2022, Chapo began releasing projects under the title of Classical Trap. In the last year, he released Classical Trap Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Now at Volume 3, he is doing as incredible as ever. “This is a press play album,” Chapo said. “There isn’t a single song you’re going to want to skip.” Classical Trap Vol. 3 takes you through Chapo’s own thoughts over top of iconic beats and a beautiful blend of classic Hip Hop sound with strong Trap energy.

Some of the top tracks on Classical Trap Vol. 3 include “No Take Backs”, “Doing Alright” and “Everything Movin”. “These are some of my favorites,” Chapo explained. Each track is filled with brilliant lyricism and bold wit. While these songs are bold and well put, they are far from the only tracks to check out.

“I’m really excited about this release,” Chapo said about the album. “I think it’s consistent and honestly some of the best work I’ve done so far.” With twenty tracks on Classical Trap Vol. 3, there isn’t a single song that you will want to miss out on. There is truly something for everyone on this project.

Following the release of Classical Trap Vol. 3, Chapo is already looking forward to his next steps and the coming year of his artistic career. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases and tracks as well as an upcoming tour in the Southeastern United States. Chapo is also set to release a new line of merchandise in the coming months.

Luck Chapo has a fresh new sound and is on the way to becoming something truly great. This is certainly an artist you will want to keep up with. “I’m going to be staying focused this coming year,” Chapo said. “I’m performing at a higher caliber than ever before and I’m excited for people to see that.”

Be sure to stay tuned in to Luck Chapo on various platforms for new music, visuals and social posts.