Remo Da Goat Celebrates In Anticipation Of Upcoming Album “Goat Shit Part 3: Da Old Me”

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Versatile hip-hop artist, Remo Da Goat—aka Ggmg Remo—stuns listeners with his single, “Woah,” straight off his upcoming album, Goat Shit Part 3: Da Old Me. The cross-genre artist is following up his first and second albums with a whole new sound, a throwback to his earlier days as a freestyle rapper.

With 1.5 million streams and counting, Remo Da Goat’s “Woah,” is quickly gaining steam. Not only have listeners demonstrated their support through streams, the single also earned the number four spot on iTunes for downloads and remained in the top 10 for several days after its release.

On January 7, the third installment of the Goat Shit series is coming out—fans, prepare yourselves! “Creating this album was different,” shares Remo Da Goat of his upcoming release. “They gave me a challenge to take a beat for 24 hours and then record whatever came out. We made 50 tracks and kept 20 of them for the album.”

“It’s a good album. It stresses who I am—the old me,” tells the artist. While his first album (Goat Shit Part 1: Up Next)took a mainstream approach, and his second album (Goat Shit Part 2: Toxic Love) focused on producing an R&B vibe, it’s his latest album that takes a step back into what inspired the artist to start making music: free styling.

Remo Da Goat’s love for music began around age eight, when he would freestyle with his cousins in the car. His newest album comes back full circle to his freestyle roots. Albums one and two, on the other hand, required Remo Da Goat to hone his writing skills before recording. “For the mainstream first album and R&B second, we focused on writing catchy hooks and following a formula that would work for those genres.”

With his third album, Remo Da Goat is looking to show audiences that he doesn’t fit in one particular box. In fact, his style is so versatile that he can skip from genre to genre and still engage listeners from one album to the next. “It’s a blessing to be able to put out CDs that did quite well. I’m blessed to keep it going and see different things across cities we tour.”

While Remo Da Goat is focused on having fun while creating his music, there is a bigger purpose he holds close to heart. “I’m having fun with the music. I want to keep a positive vibe going. The goal is to go back to the area I grew up in and give back to the kids in the neighborhood, get them into music.”

Remo Da Goat wants to keep surprising fans along the way. “I want to make sure that when fans hear my music they’ll never know what’s next. Singing. Rapping hard core. That’s what people can take away from my trilogy—there’s always something new coming.”

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