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Money Dron makes major life change and pours passion into music

SYRACUSE, NY – When Adronnice Collins was released from prison in 2017, he promised himself he was never going back. In-and-out of New York State’s penitentiary for most of his young life for crimes associated with drugs and violence, he knew that if he didn’t make a major change, his life would never get better.

And so he turned to music. He adopted the stage name Money Dron and started working on hard on developing a unique sound and style that would help him to stand out in a crowded music industry. In April 201, he released his debut album “Hustlers Ambition” and in the year since, he’s seen a steady increase of support and fan-following.

“It’s an album that’s a mixture of hip-hop and club songs,” he said. “It’s not an underground, hard-core album. It has a more up-to-date feel with the industry. It has rap, but it also has strip club songs and R&B songs on there. And the songs talk more about of my upbringing than anything else, as well as stories and experiences from my life and the things that led me to jail for hustling and things of that nature on the streets.”

The upcoming mixtape is called “Bangers.” It’s made for the streets and is a term well-known by people living and working on the streets.
“’Bangers’ is a word we use in my city for something good,” he said. “If something is dope or hot, that’s a Banger. This mixtape in and of itself is a Banger. It’s something you can ride around to or play back over and over because it gets you hyped.”

His single “Run it Up” Is a club song that works perfect for parties and has become so popular in the year since its release that it’s been spun on some shows in Canada and California, and is up for consideration with Ride Videos. At the end of the day, he said it’s a song that helps showcase that unique sound and style he’s been working so hard on for so long, and which he hopes will carve out a niche for him within the industry.

“My versatility really sets me apart from other artists,” he said. “I don’t sound like anybody else. I’ve been recording since I was 17 or 18 years old, though I never really took it serious. But after this last time in prison, I knew I had to do something serious. I’m tired of going back and forth to prison. I have to switch things up. This is more my grind and something I believe in. I don’t want to be a statistic and get caught up and do a long time in prison. And if I stick with this lifestyle, that’s what will happen. I got kids and I gotta be out here for them, and music is something I believe in. I have a story to tell and experiences I’ve been through, and music will be the thing that will save me from a lot of stuff I could be in.”

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