New music ‘Act Up’ by female star, iamtheHopemusic!

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If you are looking for a fierce, and fiery new female star in the making, then look no further than, singer-songwriter, rapper, and dancer, iamtheHopemusic. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and inspired by artists such as Normani and Doja Cat, iamtheHopemusic is extremely committed to excellence, growth, and forward momentum! She is hands-on in every aspect of her career, from the obvious elements such as song-writing, recording, and creative direction, to the potentially not-so-obvious facets such as being her own stylist and makeup artist!  Going on 10 years in the music industry, iamtheHopemusic has been strengthening her resolve and using the many ups and downs of her journey, to power her unique approach, delivery and visual choices. Her live performances are another area that she stands far out from other artists in her genre. She takes pride in building her shows to be an engaging and captivating experience that is high-energy, and includes a lot of choreography!
 iamtheHopemusic promises to deliver more music and visual content for her supporters and fans, in the coming months, and her latest single “Act Up” which has already charted solo on the iTunes Pop Chart, is a much-needed breath of fresh air for her, and an opportunity to let loose a bit considering her consistent hard work and dedication to her craft.  She shared that 2022 has been a rough year for more reasons than one, but wants her followers to recognize that resilience, hard work, and faith will yield results that no man can take away!

In regards to her latest single, iamtheHopemusic would like to give a special thanks to Raphael RJ2 (Beats How U Want Em) for music production, King Al Hefner (Vidz How U Want Em Cinematography) for visual production, and her management team JAHMa for everything they do behind the scenes!Be sure to tune in and keep up with her continuing journey. She will not disappoint!