New music by Katae, ‘Bestfriend’


Pop-Soul, singer/songwriter, Katae has always been highly in tune with words and phrases and how to use them efficiently to convey a wide range of different emotions and feelings. After discovering her passion and talent as a small child, she has spent a great deal of time honing her craft and sharpening her skills as a lyricist and as a vocalist, studying the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, Selena Quintanilla, Rihanna and plenty more.

Her consistency and diligence have afforded her the opportunities to show her growth on huge stages like the most recent Levitt Festival in Springfield Illinois, while also allowing her to build her network, connecting and creating with artists all over the world. Her development will be made even more clear as she continues to release music and content that she’s making as of lately.

Katae has just recently completed two producer projects, in an attempt to clear her mind, and release some of things and relationships of the past. She has a good number of performances happening this summer, as well as a single, slated for release on June 30th, a music video in July, and fans can expect a full album from her by November.

It’s full speed ahead for this talented rising star, and all eyes are on her, as she continues to build and expand her vision and her sound! Stay tuned!

Katae would like to shout out her producers, MClovin and PlayitdenReco, for their contributions to her sound!