New single by Quan Dezy, ‘Stand On It’


What’s your name and where you from? I am a native From Chicago Illinois born and raised my rises in Music started in Aurora IL. My name LaQuan Howard was giving my stage name by my home town Quan Don in 06 while doing rap battles and beat boxing in High School. Had to go through hoops twist and turns to obtain my name legally. Been nickname Dezy from a childhood friend hence the name Quan Dezy was ordained.

Why do you love what you do? It bring me serenity to express my experiences and expressions through sound and rhythm. Giving opportunity to touch someone as well get through there life testimonies. Music been part of life since the 4th grade where I stared in marching bands playing trumpet and got into more instruments such as drums,French horn and a tad of the piano. Began writing poems and poetry in journal and led to me rhyming and conducting lyrics for songs.

What makes you different? I believe I have my own sound. Fairly unique in my perspective bring versatility and multi genre from Hiphop,R&b,pop,melodic, even country and gospel. Have been compared to many great talents such as Twista, bone thugs n harmony, Kendrick Lamar, ludacris, even lyfe Jennings and more but my messages in my music and the way I embrace the culture is different approach replacing hate with love.

Where do see yourself in 5 years? I see myself 5 years older 5 years stronger 5 years wiser indeed. Really pushing to be great at my imperfections and master my skill sets and learning new ones. Growing a strong foundation or platform that will push greatness of the unseen talent knowledge to succeed in this entertainment industry.

What do you want to accomplish in life? Just to be Applying the lessons and teaching of life. Building my brand and business supporting my family gaining better opportunities. Never limiting myself. Always doing good deed for good karma tomorrow. Success is within self love that something that can’t be bought. Staying true to yourself is something that can’t be taught you have to grow into it.

What do you bring to your industry? Fresh vibes and positivity. bringing timeless energy and music. Giving the audience something they can be apart of. That they can pass down. Building real fan/family to support and grow throughout their experience through Quan Dezy journey. It’s bigger then me it’s a lifestyle and a gift to give back. That will Influence A new wave of music lovers and gurus to the scene that are Looking for original soul, passion, and life in the music again. Just giving Stella her groove back if ya catching my drift.

What do you want to be remembered by? Aiming to be remembered for the bridge I build to the next gen or neighbors that are influence by my hardwork and dedication. That I’m Willing and giving to make an impact in the culture of entertainment and Arts&Craft. It all starts off with a dream but nothing moves without a dollar in front it. Staying consistent to the goal spreading that wealth and growth mentality to achieve greatness. We all made to win before return to sand so pushing that mindset of of using time wisely and perfecting the vision towards the goal. Restoring the value of Morals and Self Love. My motto is Stay Spitting Keep Grinding and All Day Push Greatness so nevertheless like to be remembered for changing the narrative. From negativity imposed on our love ones. We are all Kings and Queens. Remember me for being King that leads.