Nicole Monay Is Creating Change Within Entrepreneurship with “Brandifi”

Industry Spotlight

Nicole Monay, like others, noticed a problem within the black community for black women entrepreneurs. Black women are the highest to create black businesses, but only a small percentage of these businesses will mature. Black women entrepreneurs are struggling to sustain their businesses. Although there are a few reasons for this, such as capital and crowded competitive contexts, Nicole noticed a problem yet to be recognized. While working one-on-one with multiple black women entrepreneurs with her company Brandifi, she saw that many of her clients, mainly black women in business, would skip the necessary steps needed before starting a business.

What’s being skipped? The common trend Nicole Monay saw was a business owner coming up with an idea and, without proper research, diving into making a logo, a website, and then… crickets. They would then get discouraged, not know what they did wrong, and move on to something else or give up completely. Nicole Monay wanted to create free resources for businesses to understand what’s needed before diving into what she calls “The Pretty Stuff.” She developed not only a free online course, but an ebook and a Youtube channel educating business owners on Brand Development. Teaching women in business that branding is not just the pretty stuff you see. It’s about understanding your audience, the problem, and how you as a business owner plan to solve the audience’s problem differently.

Nicole Monay’s entrepreneur journey started when she got let go from her job, which was indeed a blessing in disguise. Before laying the foundation of her venture, she promised that she would use her journey to provide opportunities to minorities and women of color. This was her empathic decision-making as a founder. Eventually, I founded Brandifi with a lot of love and a change-making vision”. Brandifi is derived from the word ‘Brand’, which has strong associations with employing creativity to attract customers. Brandifi created a platform that is designed to fill any brand technical skills gap—for any small business to large companies. Their services include logo packaging, web designing, and personalized coaching as well. There’s a personalized touch in work done at Brandifi. Attempts are made to tell the story of the brand through the designing process.

Founded and majorly based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Brandifi was created for both small businesses and large corporations. Recognized as “The Top Design Firm”, Brandifi is highly sought after because of its one-stop shop for marketing and unique designs. Created with a broad range and game-changing vision in mind, the company’s sole objective is to meet the needs of targeted consumer markets. Such markets are typically tasked with developing an identity and business personality for their brand. Such identities are created through an undeniable personalized touch through logo packaging, product packaging, web design, and customizable coaching.

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