Rasmina – Power of Flower

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World-renowned jewelry artist Rasmina blends sounds of East and West against Ethnic Jazz and Rock undertones on new singles 

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN – A unique blend of Eastern and Western music is making its way to an international audience from Azerbaijan artist Rasmina Gurbatova. Known globally for her impressive talents as an artist – most especially put on display through her original jewelry that is sold all over the world – this young woman showcases an adept ability to bring a variety of influences together into an original sound that is equal parts intriguing and inspiring.  

Her two latest singles are “I Love You” and “Power of Flower,” the latter of which will be paired with a new line of jewelry that she is getting ready to release. The concept behind the song, and the new jewelry line, is to help women embrace their independence and find balance between the feminine and masculine energies they’re faced with on a daily basis.  

“It’s about learning how to use your power and discovering different ways to direct it,” Rasmina said. “The song itself is about a woman who finds this power in herself. I’ve developed a jewelry collection of the same name that will feature 16 different types of flowers – all linked to different personalities of women. Every woman has their own personality and can choose the flower that fits her best. They’ll be able to go through a personality test online before they’re paired with a flower and the piece of jewelry. Ultimately the idea behind the jewelry and this song is to help women learn how to have self-respect and to know how to use the different energies and power within themselves.” 

Rasmina said she’s been composing music for the past 10 years, albeit as a hobby on the side. Raised in a culture that frowns on choosing music as a profession – especially for women – Rasmina often had to fight for her right to pursue her passion for art. She went to a diplomacy school and has worked in various positions at the World Bank, all the while creating music and jewelry in her spare time. But in 2011 she decided to take a bold leap of faith and switched her career. She created her own jewelry brand, and in the years since she has accomplished success on a global level. Her jewelry is sold all over the world via her website www.resm.com, and as she has seen success with that art medium it has emboldened her to try to connect with others through different mediums, as well – most specifically music.  

“I wore various roles in my life, but I am never as happy and fulfilled as I am when I compose and sing,” she said. “I write about whatever inspires me – sorrow or pain or joy. When I write music is when I feel completely myself, and I hope people see the authenticity and the story behind it. Every song I write tells a story. I want to be different – not necessarily for the sake of being intentionally different, but because I like exploring different sounds. I just enjoy making music, and it’s an artistic outlet that I want to share with other people.” 

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