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Old-school Hip-Hop meets new-school sound on impressive new project from Chicago rapper VI The Boss 

CHICAGO, IL – The things people will do for money can sometimes be so despicable that they would make most people cringe. There’s even a passage in the Bible that warns against the love of money, calling it “The Root of all Evil.” That’s also the title of the new EP from Chicago rapper VI The Boss. The six-song project that’s currently available across all streaming platforms is an exploration of the crazy things people will do to get ahead, and the consequences that come from a life lived in pursuit of the next dollar. 

VI The Boss is an artist who brings back the old school style with a modern twist. Over the course of his career he’s established himself as a big player in the music industry. Already well-known in his local scene, VI The Boss is expanding to new audiences with his mainstream appeal. Both timely and timeless, his rhythmic beats are layered with catchy lyrics and clever wordplay. He incorporates hip-hop and R&B vibes with his melodic raps, resulting in tracks that bump. 

“If you actually listen to my music, I’m saying something,” he said. “This day and age you can say whatever you want to – anybody can rap – but what I bring to the table is rare. I got some little fun vibes and I harmonize and stuff like that. I’m also a boss … legitimately. I own three LLCs and have my own clothing line company and my own record label and my own recording studio. I’ve got a lot of things going on right now, and this new project is just the tip of the iceberg.” 

VI The Boss is setting himself apart from the new age. With a variety of songs in his impressive catalog, he is bringing back familiar topics with a fresh perspective. His music is relatable, honest and real. VI writes from the heart, taking the lessons he has learned and redistributing his wisdom to the masses. VI The Boss is ushering in the next generation of sound with his urban pop. His artistry and craft have evolved, and his sound appeals to today’s younger generation with feel-good club music.  

Take the standout single “Issues,” for instance. As the debut single from the EP, the song talks about betrayal and snitches and the consequences that come from back-stabbing your brother. Produced by Riffe God, it’s the perfect song to show the world how this veteran of the game is bringing a new sound to the industry. He follows that with “I Need You,” which has more of a trap vibe underneath a love ballad. Both songs are just the entry point to a project that brings a powerful new sound to the stage. 

“Ultimately I want my music to be known for being inspirational,” VI said. “If I can do it, you can do it. I came from nothing – I was literally sleeping in staircases – and look at where I’m at now. You can do the same thing. You’ve just got to stay focused and never give up.” 

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