YBG RT – Dear Mama

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Young rapper YBG RT brings good vibes and positivity on sentimental single ‘Dear Mama’

ATLANTA, GA – A sentimental single that was released for Mother’s Day is continuing to gain waves of fans all across the U.S. in the week’s following the national holiday. “Dear Mama” is the latest track from Atlanta-based artist YBG RT. As the title would indicate, it’s a song written for his mother after she requested that he create something special for her on Mother’s Day. Essentially serving as a letter to his mom, it’s a song that tells the story of his deep relationship with her while giving listeners something extremely relatable with which to cling. It’s so relatable, in fact, that nearly everyone who hears it is having an emotional reaction to it, and then sharing it with their friends and family members. The song has taken off like wildfire and is only going to continue to grow in popularity and more and more people hear it.

Produced by DAK and mastered by Bentley Records, the single is just the latest from this 19-year-old rapper who has been making a name for himself in the music industry over the past couple of years. He and his close friends created a collective label called YBG Productions (Young Bread Goon), and have been working to create high-quality music since 2018. They’ve produced numerous singles and projects, and at the beginning of 2021 RT signed a one-year demo deal with Bentley Records. He has since released the singles “Mental” and “Dear Mama,” with multiple other projects in development and set to release later this year and early 2022.

“This is the main start of my recording career,” he said. “We’re trying to bring a whole different energy to the game that’s all about good vibes and positivity. Typically rap is more negative and all about money or girls or game, and it often skips the importance of life and keeping good mental health. We’re trying to push things that promote good mental health and keeping your vibes good. We’re pushing good thoughts out there to people’s minds so they can reflect on it, feel it, and choose those good things for themselves.”

Inspired by artists like Yung Pinch and J. Cole, YBG RT has a distinct sound and style that puts lyrics together into a perfect pattern. As a lover of lyrical flows, he does his best to bring that style to the game while also telling meaningful stories that both entertain and encourage listeners to think more deeply and from different perspectives. His aim is to create something that sounds good, but which also has depth and focuses on more profound truths.

“I really want people to think of it as a reflection,” he said. “it’s something they can go to and see how somebody else goes through life. I’m not different than them. I relate to them as a normal human. In a lot of ways I want the message of my music to be about equality. We’re all the same on this earth. We go through the same types of things and feel the same emotions. There’s no difference between us. It’s just how we live our lives and choose to live our lives that takes us on different paths.”

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