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Spice 1 – Black Lambo

Multi-platinum-selling hip-hop legend drops hot new summer hit ‘Black Lambo’  LOS ANGELES, CA – Do you know who rapper Spice 1 is? If not, you should. His musical resume speaks loudly for itself. Anyone who knows anything about the history of hip-hop recognizes his significance to the game – and they recognize it …

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Daz Breezy – Alone

Daz Breezy taps into deep emotions with relatable new singles ‘Alone’ and ‘You Are Always On My Mind’  CHARLESTON, WV – It’s impossible to miss Daz Breezy. Known for his flashy “Breezy Bonnets,” dance moves and colorful style, this East Coast artist definitely stands out in a crowd. His music is also the kind of unique vibe that stands out …

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Lil Dodge – Substance

Lil Dodge gets raw and real with relatable new track ‘Substance’  LONG ISLAND, NY – Michael Dodge has always battled a lot of emotional distress and anxiety. Known among friends and within the music industry as Lil Dodge, this hedge-fund-manager by day is a bona-fide recording artist by night whose unique …

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Lipp – Aight I’m Done

Lipp whips words of wisdom on bouncy new single ‘Crashout’  MIAMI, FL – Travion Williams – better known by his stage name Lipp – is an artist and singer/songwriter who is profoundly and considerably underrated. Hailing from a small town near Miami, Florida, called Opa-Locka, this artist comes from the hard knock …

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Allen B – Do You Believe

Allen B serves up impressive mix of sounds and styles on mysterious new album ‘Gypsy King’  SAN DIEGO, CA – When most people think about gypsies, there’s an element of mystery often involved. They’re nomads with a culture deeply rooted in spirituality and often wander the world seeking new adventures and …

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Badboy VT – Not Innocent

Badboy VT turns pain into motivation and inspiration on new track ‘Not Innocent’  CHICAGO, IL – Growing up, Davonte Watkins always looked up to his older cousin Ed “Badboy” Brown. He was a well-known boxer from the West Side of Chicago. But in 2016 Watkins’ cousin was gunned down and died. Watkins dealt with a lot …

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