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[Video] Brizzle La Musica feat. Honcho Hoodlum – Get The Strap

Brizzle La Musica

His anchor single “Get The Strap (feat. Hoodlum)” is one of the highlighted bangers on this record with a solid flow, wordsmithy lyrical content and an unwavering energy that pulls you right into Brizzle‘s overall artistic merit. This single is definitely a generous contribution to today’s Hip Hop and won’t …

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Billboard G – Dream

Billboard G lets the world take a peek at his life journal with new album ‘Billboard Bound’ LANCASTER, PA – Imir Williams – also known by his stage name Billboard G – is a hip-hop artist from the Northeast who is rapidly on the rise to stardom. Originally from Newark, New …

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[Video] Chavo feat Solo-Authentic – 3 A.M.

“3 am” was written by Chavo with the lust and love that the nighttime brings to mind. It is about yearning for the passion of that one person that has been on your mind all day. “It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. She’s calling my phone. Asks if I’m home. …

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[New Single] GBeezy Dottruuf – Talk Dirty @Gbeezyd

THIS IS A PARTY RECORD WITH HIGH ENERGY WITH CATCHY CHORUS CONTACT BOOKING INFO: VENNY SMITH (863) 581-0881 OR EMAIL: ITSDOTTRUUF@GMAIL.COM Social: Twitter – https://twitter.com/GbeezyD Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/gbeezy_dottruuf/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Dottruuf2/ Website – https://www.ngzproductions.com/ Reverbnation – https://www.reverbnation.com/gbeezydottruuf Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa6MluaxJV2W_3bfEoV_Q5Q

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[Video] @arielle.toole ‘Magic’

Arielle was born and raised in the small town of Durham, North Carolina but always had big city dreams. As a young girl, it was normal to find Arielle singing in her mirror or shower, but her most favorite place to sing was the on the phone – while unfortunately …

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MLB Nard – Fed List

MLB Nard continues to build his music empire with new hit single ‘Ric Flair Soowoo’ AUGUSTA, GA – Imagine you’re in a wrestling ring … and a dance breaks out … and next thing you know the whole place is jumping. That’s the vibe MLB Nard is going for with his …

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[Video] @ItsVain ‘U Need Luv’

“U Need Luv,” is a Track by Rap Artist VAIN and Grammy Award Winning Producer RaphaelRJ2. VAIN who has collaborated with the likes of Tony Yayo, Lil Mo, Red Cafe, Jim Jones, Slim of 112 and Jazzy Joyce continues bringing you the hits with his latest track , “U Need Luv.” VAIN and RaphaelRJ2 put …

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