Chevaughno Glaves – Blaze It

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Jamaican-born songwriter and producer pairs energy with lyricism on lit new track ‘Blaze It’

HARTFORD, CT – Energy and lyricism are a powerful pair that take center stage with every song from Jamaican-born artist Chevaughno Glaves. His latest hit single, “Blaze It” is a perfect example of how adept he is at creating that pairing in ways that are pleasing to the ear. The upbeat vibe is the very definition of energy, and the lyrics display a deft ability to turn a phrase and use strategic wordplay to share his message.

Known for his short one-to-two-minute singles that he strings together into larger projects, Glaves has been making music for the better part of the last 10 years. Born in Jamaica, he came to the U.S. at around age 6 and started getting into Hip Hop when his cousin introduced that genre of music to him. By age 12, he and his cousin were in the basement producing and writing their own songs, and he hasn’t looked back since. Music quickly became his only form of expression and a way for him to stay out of trouble. It even helped him build interest among his classmates in high school for the construction of the school’s first-ever studio.

“My focus in my craft has always been to challenge and outdo myself constantly,” he said. “I never studied music theory or how to count bars – sound just naturally spoke to me. My form of writing is kind of conversing with the listener through sound. Now I combine lyricism with energy, and that has definitely gotten more evolved over the years as I create. With this project, I just want to show my creative ranges and challenge myself to execute them well.”

Glaves said it has only been recently that he’s started incorporating some of his native Jamaican island sound into his music, as well. He’s started to incorporate a lot of Patois (the native language of Jamaica) into his music, and is even writing in Patois for some songs. A lot of the messages he brings through his music are about inspiring others to rise above their station in life and pursue education as that leads to better opportunities in life.

“Where I’m from in St. Elizabeth (Jamaica), you’re grateful and lucky to continue education,” he said. “Getting to come to the U.S. and learn English and master the language is interesting and makes me want to push lyricism to where people can enjoy it. I want to be progressive and new and I want my music to be known for its creativity. One of my goals is to approach music worldwide in terms of being a songwriter who can write and produce for any genre. I know that if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything – and I want other people to feel that way when they listen to my music.”

“Blaze It” is currently available across all digital streaming platforms, and will be followed in the coming months with even more singles, Glaves said.

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