GRW – Love Is The Action

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International vibe pairs with Rock/Pop stylings on new single from GRW 

NASHVILLE, TN – Genre-outlaw GRW is a Nashville-based artist who has been creating new global sounds for the better part of the last decade, and his most recent single “Love Is The Action” is yet another smash hit that’s sure to find its way to a worldwide audience. Created in collaboration with Jamaican singer Nyanda – former band member of Brick and Lace – the Reggae/Electro Pop/R&B single invites listeners to consider different ways to love one another. GRW said it’s an important song for these difficult times, and that he hopes anyone who hears it takes some inspiration and feels compelled to do exactly what the song encourages: show love through action. 

“The message is love is something you do instead of something you say,” GRW said. “Unless you actually show it with your actions and how you live your life, it’s meaningless. Love is what you do. It’s deep. It’s spicy. It’s real. Ultimately this is a song about how human beings treat each other, but also how we treat mother nature and everything around us. It’s a big message all around.” 

GRW (which not only is an anagram of his name Gary Russell Wertz, but is also a play on the word grow) – is a regenerative farmer and animal rescuer who lived in California for many years before moving to Nashville to pursue music full-time. He and his family (Lisa Austin and daughter Lorretta) continue to grow and care for the earth in their regenerative farm/animal rescue home in Tennessee, and he considers that aspect of his life just another outflow of his creative disposition and personality.  

Since his time in Nashville, GRW has been a featured performer at The Bluebird Café and other legendary local music venues. His studio, Sacred Dog  – which he started in California – has been re-established in Nashville and he has had the opportunity to work with artists like Kyle Ranson, Dave Catching of Eagles of Death Metal and Junior Toots, son of Toots Hibbert , among others. His work in the music industry has led to some amazing collaborations, including his most recent Reggae Fusion song “World Upside Down” featuring the legendary Junior Reid. 

With “Love Is the Action,” GRW gets to continue that string of successful collaborations by working closely with renowned singer Nyanda, who has toured the world as a musician and was signed to Geffen Records. GRW said Nyanda brings an international flare to the table and helps to create a sound that can be embraced by a wide variety of audiences from all parts of the world. 

“I’m trying to create world fusion music,” GRW said. “ To bring in all cultures and reach across different cultures and countries to create a new sound. I incorporate elements of global sounds into many of my productions. Every culture on Earth has made music worth dancing to or crying to or tripping out on. I find inspiration in all of it – from Howling Wolf to Japanese Garage Punk to Ravi Shankar and Eric B. and Rakim and Patsy Cline. It’s All Good. A song can be inspired by many flavors and it’s genetic memory descended  from many different ancestors. So, with me, you never know what you’re going to get, but you’re going to get something made with love. And hopefully a melody that gets stuck in your head and a few words that have a little meaning for you.” 

“Love Is The Action” is currently available across all streaming platforms, and a new dance single “Wicked City” featuring Junior Reid will be released this August. GRW said he plans to continue releasing more music in the coming months, and is excited for a wider audience to discover his sound.

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Ryan Cash – Blessings on Blessings

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Jamaican native Ryan Cash sheds light on troubles of Caribbean Islands while celebrating the carefree lifestyle

LOS ANGELES, CA – People familiar with the Caribbean Islands today know that there are a lot of negative things happening there. Violence, murder, drugs, crime … the Caribbean has gained a bad reputation over the years. But Ryan Cash – who originally hails from Kingston, Jamaica – is on a mission to shed light on the more positive things of that region. With his new EP, he’s using music to help “Save The Caribbean.”

The first single from his upcoming project is “Blessings on Blessings” which went into wide release across all streaming platforms on March 19. Self-described as a “jolly vibe,” the song is one of the most upbeat from the forthcoming EP. Most of the songs on the project deal with topics that are more on the controversial side, but Cash wanted to introduce fans to something fun and carefree with his first introduction into the lifestyle of the Caribbean.

“This song is happy and calling blessings down on yourself,” he said. “It’s basically saying I’m blessed and I’m just happy right now. I’m awake and I’m blessed. I drink some tea and I’m blessed. I take a shower and I’m blessed. It’s about appreciating the simple things. Some people don’t have a cup of tea to drink or a nice bed to sleep in, and this song is meant to help people appreciate those things more.”

Cash moved to America in his teenage years to pursue more opportunities in the music industry. Growing up in Kingston, he played in the marching band and drum corps and lived with a family that was very musical. He also grew up in the same neighborhood that Beenie Man grew up in, and as such, he said the culture of music was ingrained within him at a young age.

Over the years, Cash has developed his own unique sound and style into something that he classifies as Universal Reggae. He has a crossover vibe that comes from living in different cultures, but he focuses mostly on Reggae and Island vibes that fuse in sounds and styles from other genres. With “Save The Caribbean,” Cash takes seven songs to share those signature sounds with the world in ways that will shed light on the troubles of the various Island nations while also celebrating the joyful lifestyle that comes from living in that area. With songs like “Put Down the Gun,” “Don’t Touch The Child” and “Good Good Police,” Cash explores tough topics that he hopes will enlighten listeners and inspire them to pursue positive change in the Caribbean.

“I want my music to be known for truth and love,” he said. “I don’t want to sell a fairytale story. I sing about real-life stuff, not make believe. I write about what I believe and what I feel, and that comes out raw and real and true. And laced through all of that is love.”

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Deep – Nothing’s Impossible

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West Coast artist Deep chronicles life-changing experiences on album ‘In Too Deep’ 

INGLEWOOD, CA – Music was always an ever-present part of life for Deep. Growing up in Inglewood, California, there were three constants: hooping, gang banging, and rappingAlthough hstarted on the wrong path of violence, three life-changing moments served to help him choose music instead and to embrace his destiny as the musician now known as Deep. 

The first of his three encounters happened with his girlfriend (now-wife). By his sophomore year in high school, Deep had become more and more entrenched in street life. One day out of the blue, his girlfriend had a heart-to-heart with him. “If you get killed or go to prison, how are we gonna take care of a family?”, she asked him. That was the first eye-opening moment. The second came when he and some friends were confronted by some gang members with guns. Though no shots were fired and no one was hurt from that experience, it was a situation that shocked him to his core and made him wonder if he got killed, would he go to hell? Those thoughts rattled around in his head until his mother one day dragged him to church. He really didn’t want to go, but he went since his mother was so adamant about it. Serving as the final revelation to change his life, the sermon from the preacher that day is still vivid in his memory. He gave his testimony about walking away from a life of crime and street life. Deep realized that if Rev. Jones could do it, he could, too. 

“I never looked back from there,” Deep said. “I had always been a kid who loved music and was really into poetry, but as my life began to change – so did my lyrics. As a result, whenever I would spit – people would respond, “That’s deep!” Everything became deeper the more I looked deep within myself to discover my true character. That’s one of the reasons why I took that as my name because I want my music to represent change and encourage people to look deep within as well. I could go the route of gang banging, or I could go the route of following the Lord. When I made that change, everything got deeper and life started being more potent.” 

Today, Deep brings real life to his music and offers a multifaceted sound and style to complement his deep lyrics. On his most recent album “In Too Deep”, fans can get a bevy of different styles. His opening song, “Going Hard,” is a fusion of Reggae and Hip Hop. He has a Pop groove called “Toast.” He has a love song called “Falling in Love.” And he has a very lyrical track called “My Lyrical Thesis.” And his latest track to hit the airwaves is a Gospel song with an edge called “Nothing’s Impossible.” 

“It’s me telling my story of growing up in Inglewood and how God changed my life,” he said. “I want to show people that even with all the things you go through, with God nothing is impossible. Even if you don’t believe in God, this can be a song that’s just encouraging – whatever you go through, you can get through it. Don’t lose faith. Win or lose that day, keep your head up. It’s powerful, which is what I want my music to be for other people. I make relatable music that challenges people to see a different outlook.” 

Deep said he’s currently at work on a follow-up album called “A Higher Purpose” which will take the lyrical content to the next level and embrace more of the Pop vibes he experimented with on his previous album.  

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“In Too Deep”