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Altruistic artist uses music to inspire others through dark days 

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Freddie Wilson has always been someone who wants to give back to his community. When he was in high school, he volunteered as a mentor for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. He would spend time with middle school boys, and as students that age are known to do, they would crack jokes all the time. Often he became the brunt of those jokes, usually because of his shorter stature. The middle school boys would call him “Fo-Fo,” short for Four-Foot-Four. Freddie, of course, took exception to the name because it was inaccurate, but secretly, he loved that the younger boys had come up with a nickname for him. 

So when it came time to launch his career as a professional musician and entertainer, Freddie decided to see what he could do creatively with the nickname that had been bestowed to him. He’d always been a fan of Japanese culture and when he put “four foot four” into an English-to-Japanese translator, he came up with the name “Teki no Teki.” 

That’s the name music fans all over the world are going to start becoming familiar with over the next year, and this budding new artist out of Birmingham, Alabama drops music that demands to be heard. His new album “Family Affair” is now out on all streaming platforms. And like everything else about his life, Teki said it’s a project that will help a lot of people. 

“I watch a lot of YouTube and see so many people who try to do something new,” he said. “Whether it’s people who play Minecraft or make food or whatever, there are always people leaving comments about how much it means to them and how those videos help them get through their days. That’s what I want my music to do – I want it to help people. If someone can hear my music or a certain song and it gets them through a tough day, that’s amazing. I know not everyone is going to like every song I make, but there will be someone out there who loves my songs and that could literally get them through the hardest part of their life. That’s the kind of music I want to make.” 

Teki said when it comes to originality and creating a sound that differs from others out there, he tries to be unique in everything he does. From one song to the next, he said there’s a different sound and style in many cases. That diversity comes from a process that started in high school when he would carry around a notebook and write down poems and raps whenever inspiration struck. The variety of topics that came out of those years made him realize that when paired with music, his messages can bring hope and light to a dark world. 

“I know not everybody gets a chance to make music or try to get out there, and if I have that opportunity, I need to give it my all,” he said. “The interesting thing about Teki No Teki is that it’s also an acronym for TNT … explosions! That’s what’s about to happen with me, and this is just the beginning.” 

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“Family Affair”

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