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Spotlight shines on Lake City, SC with new mixtape ‘Trailer Park Thug’ 

LAKE CITY, SC – There’s a spotlight about to be shined on the small East Coast city of Lake City, South Carolina – on a trailer park, in fact. The spotlight will shine bright on new Hip Hop artist Eric Robinson whose slick YouTube music videos have already been gaining attention worldwide and whose new music is set to become the talk of the industry in upcoming weeks. 

Adopting the stage name TPTSpotlight (for Trailer Park Thug), this young rapper is set to drop a new mixtape called “Trailer Park Thug.” The debut single from that project, “Stepped On” is already available across all streaming platforms and has started gathering plays on YouTube for its video. Featuring TPTSpotlight’s brother Sdaii Slimey, the song is one of those hype songs that’s perfect for the summer. 

“It gets you turnt up,” TPTSpotlight said. “Like some sneakers, you can get stepped on – that’s basically what it’s about. I think it shows off the authenticity of my flow. I don’t sound like anyone else. I’m still rapping on most of it, and this song is really gonna pop.” 

TPTSpotlight said he wants to honor his hometown and the neighborhood where he grew up for more reasons than just the loyalty that comes from that close-knit community. The story behind how he and his brother reunited after more than a decade apart plays a part in his music. When their father was incarcerated for 10 years, the two of them were separated with Sdaii heading to Virginia and Spotlight going to live with his mother in Florida for a time. Sdaii’s mother was shot in the head down the street from their house and he ended up in the foster care system. When their father was released from prison, Spotlight found out from him that his brother was in Virginia, and the two reconnected. 

“It’s one of those small-town secrets, you know.” Spotlight said. “We’re from a small town – you can literally walk to anywhere from where we live. If we make it, it’ll be major. That’s why I wanted to add TPT to my name so that we can show the world what it’s like to be a trailer park thug. We’re looked at like underdogs, like we’re not gonna go anyplace. But we’re gonna show the world that’s not true.” 

The entire mixtape will showcase Spotlight’s hood – with stories and experiences from a life growing up in a trailer park. It will also continue the high-energy vibes of “Stepped On” with music that Spotlight promises will “make you snappin.”  

“When people hear my music, they’re gonna say, ‘That boy goes crazy on the beat!’” he said. “I want people to get up out of their seats when they hear my music. You can’t sit down when you listen to my music. You have to stand up, put a light on and do something when my music is on.” 

To listen to TPTSpotlight’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:
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