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Deetrxll Combines Trap and R&B in “Certified Gutta Boy”  

PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS – Known for his signature narratives that grab your soul and a hard-hitting cadence, Deetrxll’s album, “Certified Gutta Boy,” is an inside look at the artist who is quickly gaining attention on streaming platforms.  

At only 24 years of age, Deetrxll bypassed mainstream music to write and perform his style that combines the smooth rhythms associated with R&B and the melodic beats of trap. Setting this Louisiana native apart from other musicians, Deetrxll’s voice and versatility cannot be copied.  

“My voice is a high pitch but not too high. It’s in the middle – a deep high-pitched voice,” said Deetrxll.  

Admitting that his writing topic varies on his moods, Deetrxll’s album “Certified Gutta Boy” was written a year ago. Busy dropping singles, the album was put on the backburner. But the songs depicting Deetrxll’s life are now released for fans to get an inside look at what makes this up-and-coming storyteller tick.  

“Everybody wanted me to drop an album. I don’t really know why I waited so long,” he stated. “I think maybe I was scared of what people would be like. This is my first professional, studio recording album.” 

Any fears that Deetrxll had about the Nov. 2 album release quickly faded. Listeners continue to give the nine-track LP high marks.  

“Certified Gutta Boy” kicks off with “Mr. Trxll (Intro),” which is an inside look at Deetrxll. “It’s really about me and where I came from – the bad area of Louisiana and coming to Texas,” he said.  

Keeping the up-tempo vibe going, “We Outside” is destined to be a club, hard-hitting favorite song. Featuring P.A. Yung’n, the single dives further into Deetrxll’s current life. The party song focuses on both sides of a town, sometimes rivals, coming together to party without violence.  

Influenced by music greats like Lil Wayne, 2Pac, and Lil Baby, Deetrxll is developing a lengthy discography demonstrating his unique storytelling abilities and melodies. While other artists inspire him, his music is original, and each track gives listeners a different vibe. He performs a rap song and follows it up with a smooth R&B track switching back and forth throughout “Certified Gutta Boy.”  

Listening to this hip hop artist, you may think he always wanted to be a musician. However, the former tattoo artist says he “got tired hearing the same song over and over when working. So, I went and made my own music. One of my friends heard it and said I should keep going, so I just kept going.” 

While Deetrxll is becoming addicted to hitting the studio and dropping singles, he is currently compiling an EP and completing music videos. Fans can expect to see more Deetrxll originals before the end of 2021.  

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