Dre-Key Ghetto Millionaire – Right Now (Remix)

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New remix by Dre-Key Ghetto Millionaire tells the world to do it “Right Now”

HOUSTON, TX – The seasoned independent artist from Texas, Dre-Key Ghetto Millionaire delivers a crucial message in his epic new single “Right Now” (Remix): You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so if you have something on your mind, you got to do it right now. It is a motto for him at the moment. He sees no point in procrastinating. “If you’re gonna do it,” he says, “go on and do it.”

A very intense energy which pulls you in sets the remix apart from the original “Right Now” single released late last year. He also switches between four different rap styles. “A lot of people ask ‘How many people are on this song?’ It’s just me!” Dre-Key exclaimed. A new video has been filmed for the remix. The video for the original version, released late last year, landed Dre-Key on the music video show, “Street Flava” hosted by D-Solo.

For the new remix, he was planning to use the same track. But, when his producer presented him with a new track to listen to, Dre-Key knew within minutes that the new track was the way to go. He adapted some of the lyrics and the remix developed from there.

Dre-Key describes himself as the most complete rapper. He literally listens to all kinds of music – an early present of two very different CDs (“Marvin Gaye’s Greatest Hits” and “The Best of Mozart”) sparked off a love for music in general. As a student of the rap industry for many years, Dre-Key dropped his first mixtape in 1991. Dre-Key is a compilation of all music and genres he has studied, from the Sugar Hill Gang to artists such as Drake and Migos. He also views music as the universal language. “It’s easier to communicate my ideas and ambitions to people through music.” 

Dre-Key has been active on the Texas entertainment scene for many years. For more than 5 years, Dre-Key worked as hype man for the rap alter ego, Madd Hatta, known as Mista Madd (from one of Houston’s top radio morning shows), and as Operations Manager for Hatta’s label, “Paid In Full.” Originally from the small town of Conroe, TX, moving to Houston was a big change for Dre-Key. Meeting and working with all the stars coming through the radio station and record company helped him gain valuable experience which influences his own music career.

He has also worked in television,film & video. Dre-Key’s single “I Got That” (produced by Grammy nominated J-Lacey) was in the independent film “Krank the Movie” in which he also made a cameo appearance. Dre-Key has made numerous other appearances including the underground classic street film “Dirty Third 2” (featuring cameos by E-40 and Scarface), and in the video “Candy Paint & Gold Teeth” by Wacka Flocka Flame ft. Bun B. and Ludacris (along with cameos by Scarface Trae da Truth and T.V. Johnny Dang). Additionally, he appeared in the “Wish You Would” video by OTB Fastlane and Fastlane’s “Dawg Azz” remix featuring Lil’ Boosie. 

Dre-Key recently finished recording a new mixtape called “Bread Bag,” due for release in September. Also in the works is a studio album entitled “Best Rap Album Ever,” slated for early 2020. An old school rapper, Dre-Key uses more musical beats. He has expanded his style to reach today’s audience with this album. Mostly recorded at Anarchy Studios in Houston (Def Jam, MTV, BET, Epic, Sony), Dre-Key is working with some of the hottest artists in the Houston area. “The album is gonna be ridiculous,” said Dre-Key. “I’m calling it the best rap album ever because it’s got something on there from every era of rap.”

Dre-Key stays in the mix of Houston’s live music scene and is finalizing plans for the “Rap It Up Tour”, hitting several spots in Houston and surrounding towns.

He’s been in the music game for many years, so Dre-Key believes that you can do whatever you want to do at whatever time, as long as you don’t let anything hold you back … and do it Right Now!

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