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Rich Tone overcomes pains from past be illuminating truth through music

BRONX, NY – Before every recording session in the studio, Anthony “Rich Tone” Salvatierra
recites a mantra he learned after the passing of his grandmother, Maria Gomera.
“I have the cut,” he said. “Now it’s time to open the wound, throw alcohol on it, and make it

Growing up in the Bronx, New York with a Dominican mother, Rich Tone never had it easy. He
was raised by a single mother with the help of his grandmother and cousin, Marlene Gomera.
As a teenager, he wasn’t your typical High School student for he was always in and out of trouble. At the age of 15, he had his first felony for robbery. Police brutality along with the K9
bite mark on his right leg and a bruised face, left a big impact in his life.

He recalls sleeping in overcrowded apartments with heaters going out and using the stove to
heat up water just to take a warm shower. And it was during those years growing up that his
mother, his cousin and especially his grandmother left a major impression on his life. They
taught him to chase his dreams, to always try, and if he was going to fail, then he should at least
fail big.

So when his grandmother passed away a few years back, the cut of pain was deep. But he knew
from her life lessons to him over the years that he needed to tap into that pain and bring it out
and share it with the world. She became the reason he dove head-first into music. And today he
dedicates much of his music to her and the other women in his life who have left such a big

His new EP, “The Obstacle,” is a testament to that journey and the many challenges he’s
overcome. The six-song project features trap music mixed with soul, and nods not only to the
musical influences of his life – such as Jay Z – but also his own heritage and the unique sound
and style that he hopes to bring to the table.

“I don’t find myself too unique, I would just say that I have an ambition and hunger that you
don’t see in too many people,” he said. “I grind and chase goals and face anything head on. I
saw my mom and grandmother struggle – I saw the pain in their lives. And a lot of that has
been reflected into my life, and through it I’ve come out learning. It has helped me to develop a
sort of ‘Fuck It’ syndrome. And that’s what I hope my music becomes for others – that
motivation that you hear before going to work to help you get through your own everyday
struggles. My music is motivation to keep going.”

Though this new project is one that he knows will help him make a mark on the industry, he
isn’t a rookie to music. By age 24 he had started a team called Street Prodigy, while also
releasing his first single called “Shooters.” The single saw modest success and has helped him
push his career further. “The Obstacle” is his next musical offering, and it’s one that he said he
knows more fans will embrace.

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Orange County Singer Brittany Espinoza Releases First Single “Let Me Go”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Singer/songwriter Brittany Espinoza is definitely on the
rise in the Orange County music scene. Ever since she first picked up the guitar
for the first time at age 13, she has yet to put it down. Her passion for music was
ignited at such a young age, and she continues to fervently pursue it in her daily
life. When hearing Espinoza’s music for the first time, you would never guess that
she used to experience a wave of nervousness when it came to sharing her
music. Now that she has discovered and polished her signature sound, the
singer is ready to share her music with the world.

Espinoza is excited to announce her first single “Let Me Go”, which showcases
her incredible vocal range and artistic ability. “It’s kind of been a journey in a way,
where I was kind of afraid to sing in front of other people and expose myself as an artist. So in releasing my first single, it’s kind of like me overcoming that fear,”
said the singer. With such a versatile, talented artist like Espinoza, it’s no
surprise that the feedback generating around “Let Me Go” has been
overwhelmingly positive.

When asked about the inspiration and story behind the single, Espinoza tells us
exclusively. “It’s basically an experience I went through. I’m basically detached
from the situation now. But it’s the story of two people who were friends, and I
was kind of in a grey area where it didn’t work out how I wanted. The person just
wanted to be friends, and not pursue a commitment,” said the artist. In navigating
her own life experiences, no matter the magnitude, Espinoza creatively
transforms them into a lyrical masterpiece.

This is only the beginning for Brittany Espinoza, as she spends a lot of time in the
studio working on her upcoming projects. The singer is not only hands-on when it
comes to the content, but as well as the production behind it. She’s pretty much
the jack-of- all-trades, if you ask us. Her plan is to release a new single every
other month, which fans should get really excited about. Day by day, Espinoza
makes her mark in the music industry, and can’t wait to share her new music with
the world. Who knows, you may find Espinoza on a stage near you in the near

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***Brittany’s Photo by Laura Nuno (@bylauranuno)