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CrazyLuck – On God

New single ‘Money Talk’ from CrazyLuck showcases Midwest sound mixed with East Coast vibes  BOSTON, MA – When Russell Gordon and Tommy Ketsith were kids growing up in Michigan, they both bonded over a love of music. Gordon’s father was a musician who went by the name  Lucky, and Tommy, also had family members who …

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M’Zayy – Compete

M’Zayy Has No Hard Feelings about Crushing Opposition  Remember the old adage about the irresistible force meeting the immovable object? M’Zayy is that irresistible force. And he has yet to encounter anything to hold him in place. With fire in his soul and grit in his gut, M’Zayy treads over all obstacles. Nothing hinders him from honing his …

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5D Crew – Camila

 5D Crew aims to usher in great awakening with new album ‘Story of Souls’ WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – From an inspirational thought of music healing transformation, 5D Crew was created. This music project for the great awakening has taken off like a rocket of creative juices forming a large collection of songs.   …

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Cuban Rain – Know You

Multi-Talented Cuban Rain Commands Mastery On New God  Cuban Rain is more than a rapper. He’s more than a writer and more than a director. Even more than an entrepreneur… Cuban Rain is a polymath; his accomplishments span a variety of different fields. The cover art for his latest album New God calls to mind Michaelangelo’s The …

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Tora Woloshin – America

Tora Woloshin offers stripped-down vulnerable single while making plea for change in new song ‘America’  ALAMEDA, CA – After nearly a decade of high production, the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and multiple world tours, International artist Tora Woloshin is bringing a stripped down version of her music that showcases a more …

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Matt Thompson – Accelerate

Matt Thompson offers upbeat anthem with new single ‘Accelerate’  WASHINGTON, D.C. – If there’s one thing Matt Thompson absolutely loves, it’s a good anthemic song. His latest single “Accelerate” which is now out now on all streaming platforms, definitely fits the bill. With a sweeping energy that pairs catchy melody with witty wordplay, “Accelerate” …

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