Alejandro Jomar – Tailored Garments

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Alejandro Jomar showcases original sound on new album ‘Trap-Fi’ 

LONG ISLAND, NY – New York renowned fashion designer, R&B vocalist, music producer and professional influencer Alejandro Jomar has claimed his space in the music industry, displaying his in-depth production skills and vocal talent with a new sound he calls Trap-Fi. He began his journey through sound with heavy bass “boom-bap,” but as he grew older, he began to create more commercial, modern sounds that feature heavy 808s and punchy production. Those two styles combined give Alejandro a unique perspective on today’s modern music landscape and help him carve a niche with his signature Trap-Fi sound. 

Appropriately, that sound is put on full display on a new album from Alejandro entitled “Trap-Fi.” It’s a project that offers music fans a brand new take on today’s music landscape. After a six-month process with Propaganda Entertainment LLC, Alejandro is ready to deliver an emotional yet uplifting album that ensures he is here to stay.  

“I struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression for a while, and this album is reminiscent of those emotions and the journey I’ve taken through that,” he said. “I want to spread a positive message that if you feel like you can’t get through whatever you’re dealing with, I promise you can. I am still here even after I attempted to commit suicide in 2015, and I feel like I am an example that people can use to get through. And today, I have a side of me that encourages people to live their lives and be happy and push through the dark feelings to the light on the other side of the tunnel.” 

“Trap-Fi” opens with a melancholy saxophone symphony with filtered drums that create a reverb effect. Alejandro begins to harmonize over the saxophone as the beat begins to build. His blend of Trap 808s alongside an orchestrated boom-bap pattern come in and right away, listeners are introduced to his signature sound. With raw vocals that showcase his vulnerability and lyrics that explore everything from relationship issues to suicidal thoughts to eccentric lifestyles and even the death of loved ones, “Trap-Fi” is a tour-du-force of emotion and sound.  

One of the standout singles from the project that has been getting a lot of attention since the albums release on June 25 is a song called “Thursday.” The bouncy Dance/Pop tune blends perfectly with commercial Trap and sets the stage for Alejandro’s raw vocals. He speaks of finding beauty in women of all colors, races, shapes and sizes – ultimately elevating women all around the world. 

Another hot single from the album is “Tailored Garments” which displays Alejandro’s ability to create a catchy hook. This radio-ready hit features punchy 808s and a fast-paced, upbeat tempo. Inspired by A$AP Rocky’s “Out of this World,” “Tailored Garments” is a song that name-drops a plethora of high-end fashion designers and speaks of Alejandro’s eccentric lifestyle as a fashion designer and influencer. 

Yet another hot single from the album that’s been getting a lot of attention is “Roll Up” which features a beachy guitar riff accompanied by heavy 808s. The song also features bars from Alejandro’s brother Deja, who is also the CEO of Propaganda Entertainment. This track speaks of Alejandro and Deja’s experiences with Cannabis – selling it at an early age – as well as luxury fashion and women. 

Alejandro’s label, Propaganda ENT LLC will be releasing a stream of singles over the coming months, beginning with the release of “Young Kings Forever” featuring Deja. The label will also release Deja’s “Black Flag” album later this year for which Alejandro produced the majority of the beats. Alejandro often collaborates with the members of Wasting My 20s Collective – a team of talented New York-based artists in photography and videography formed by the members themselves – that was integral in helping him create “Trap-Fi.”  

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Ble$$in – It’s Always Sumthin

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West Coast artist Ble$$in explores deeper ramifications of current affairs with new single ‘It’s Always Sumthin 

SACRAMENTO, CA – Why does it feel like there’s always something wrong that needs to be fixed in the world? That’s the core question behind the new single from West Coast artist Ble$$in. His introspective-yet-aggressive new song “It’s Always Sumthin” was recently dropped across all streaming platforms, and it’s the kind of song that’s perfectly timed to further the conversations that have sprung up in the wake of the George Floyd death. 

“I’m talking about how there’s always something bad happening out there – there are always things going on and people don’t do anything or try to intervene in any situation because they’re afraid they’ll get locked up or killed,” he said. “It was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the knee-on-the-neck thing with George Floyd, but it also talks about things beyond that. It’s kind of aggressive but it also has a vibe to it. I’m more of an awakening type of person – I talk more about the deeper things, not just the surface, worldly things – and this song is right in line with that.” 

That penchant for addressing the deeper currents of culture and attacking “the system” in ways that encourage reform and empower people to band together for positive change is the kind of signature that Ble$$in brings to his music. His Hip Hop and R&B fusion – which displays talents both for rapping and singing – is the perfect foil for those deeper conversations. Going through life situations while growing up around Sacramento, California, music became an outlet and escape. As he grew older, he watched other family members in the music industry use their natural talents to create vibes that helped people through various life situations. The more he watched, the more he wanted to participate, and after his first time in the recording studio, he never looked back.  

“I want to be known for opening up people’s minds,” he said. “I believe I bless people with my voice and my knowledge, and I feel like I’m a blessing on earth. I want to be a mark on the earth. Even when I die, I want to be known and I want my voice to give life to people long after I’m gone.” 

Toward that end, Ble$$in will be releasing an album called “Awake” later this year. The 12 songs on that album will continue the journey started by the single “It’s Always Sumthin” by tackling worldly situations and talking about “the system” and what happens after something wrong occurs.  

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“It’s Always Sumthin 

YSD – Greatest Rapper You Don’t Know

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Emerging artist, YSD releases debut EP “Nowhere But Up” 

GAINESVILLE, FL – While some other rappers are content to just find a nice beat and do their thing to it, YSD is a genuine storyteller who speaks the truth. A young artist who made the decision to pursue his music career in spite of obstacles, YSD kept rapping through life’s challenges. Any listener who has been through challenges themselves will hear what YSD is saying. “I really like to take my time and put a message out there,” YSD said, “and if you are one of the real ones, you will get it.” 

A versatile artist who blends Hip Hop with R&B melodies, YSD hits from many angles to deliver a mix of dope tones. All of his creations have a distinct vibe. While each song carries his signature sound, the vibe is different on every track. 

For his first major project, YSD wanted to create something truly outstanding. His debut EP, titled “Nowhere But Up” has been in the works since October of last year.  Recorded at Century Studios in Jacksonville, Florida with AB’s help, the project was finally released on July 24 of this year.  

Two standout tracks include the intro and the outro. The EP’s lead track “A.G.N.B.” talks about his feelings from a complex viewpoint. “It sounds good on the beat, and people who know me know that my music comes from a deeper place,” YSD said. “The way I put it on the beat, I put it on in a way that people can relate and still vibe to it.” 

The last track, “Greatest Rapper You Don’t Know” is the representation of YSD as a person in song form. He is driven to showcase his abilities in the music game and strives to prove himself with steady projects over time. 

YSD has also collaborated with several artists on various projects. YSD and the artist, Wavvy have made loads of music together, including the tracks “Bad Habits” and “Big Schemes” which were released by Wavvy. 

Born and raised in Florida, the 23 year old YSD counts Lil Wayne and Tupac Shakur as some of his greatest musical influences. Seriously concentrating on his music career over the past year and a half, YSD has been working on his craft, perfecting his songwriting and honing his lyricism. A slow and steady rapper who still keeps a pace, YSD wants his music to speak for itself. “I will never put out trash.” he asserted. “It’s never low, it’s never dull. If you’re listening to it, you’re definitely gonna bounce to it.” 

“Nowhere But Up” is just a little taste of what this hot new artist is capable of, and he promises that much more is on the way. 

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“Nowhere But Up” EP 

J-Vic – Been Thinking

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New video for single ‘Been Thinking’ from R&B artist 
J-Vic shows off sexy smooth velvet vocals 

CHARLESTON, SC – One of the smoothest songs of the summer is the R&B smash hit “Been Thinking” from East Coast artist J-Vic. The sexy single shows off his velvet vocals underneath his signature sound that bring melody back to R&B in a way that perfectly encapsulates that signature sound that he calls “feel good music.” 

That phrase is one that defines the style and message of this artist who was born in Long Island, New York but moved to South Carolina with his brother and father at age 14. Music has always been a natural gift for this young artist, but he further enhanced his sound by studying at the Institute of Audio Research in New York, as well as apprenticing with well-known producers in Atlanta and around the world. Through that work, he created the production and artist management company G6 Entertainment Group LLC, through which he continues to write and produce for other independent artists. 

“Been Thinking” is one of the latest singles from that label and the new music video for it was recently released on his YouTube channel. It’s a song that nods to the vibes of legends such as Chris Brown and Usher, while also showcasing J-Vic’s own unique style. 

“I’m trying to bring more singing back to R&B and bring more melody and emotion back to it,” he said. “This song is about thinking about a girl that you’re going to start smashing with and the build up to that. I’d say it’s edgy but not lovey-dovey.” 

“Been Thinking” is the first single from the album “J-Vic” which is also currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s a project that he said shows off different elements of his personality and different sides of his vocal ability and musical talent. He said every album he creates will be an intentional effort to show fans the different sides of his persona. 

“One person isn’t ever into just one thing,” he said. “I want my music to help people get to know me and what I’m about – my different styles and approaches and vibes that I like to create. I’m an observer and I write off what I observe and experience. I could watch an episode of The Simpsons and write a song based off a situation that Marge and Homer find themselves in, or I could have a personal experience with a relationship and write about that. But no matter what it is, my music will show different elements and sides of me. At the end of the day though, I know my music will be known for blending that Trap element with the heavy 808s to create a feel of the 90s R&B. Basically, my music is going to repopulate the earth because I’m making a lot of baby-making music.” 


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Lxrd Melchior – Horizons

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Blind musician paints pictures with words on new album ‘XascensionX 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Lxrd Melchior is an artist who aspires to follow in the footsteps of many Hip Hop greats who have come before. This self-described apostle and revivalist of the socially cognizant Hip Hop genre has tapped into a unique style that not only fuses all the best parts of Hip Hop, R&B and Soul music but also gives a transparent look at the struggles of life in ways that are normally reserved for Hollywood movie scripts. 

Rather than be put into film, however, Lxrd Melchior has put that raw sound and style onto a new album called “XascensionX.” Currently available across all streaming platforms, it’s a project that invites listeners into a spiritual self-awakening by way of pure Hip Hop 

“I’m basically taking all of my struggles and everything I’ve gone through and seen and throwing it all on the album,” he said. “I really wanted people to understand that from the bad comes the good. So never give up no matter how dark it seems. With this album, I’m telling my story and validating that idea, and I believe every song on the album does that in its own unique way.” 

The debut single from the project is called “Horizons” and is a perfect example of the one-of-a-kind vibe he’s going for. Filled with tons of energy and a beat that cannot be denied, “Horizons” is the perfect track for the summer. It’s guaranteed to grab the attention of a wide range of fans all over the world. It’s a song that encourages people to continue pursuing their dreams no matter how difficult their situation.  

“All that darkness is like being in a sports car and you’re passing it by,” he said. “You’re accelerating to the next level. It’s a song that brings people together and reminds them that we can do it and when we do, this is our reward.” 

Another single from the album that has been getting a lot of attention is “Better Days” which has seen its share of radio play over the past few months. Lxrd Melchior calls it a funny, feel-good song that reminds people that the despairing moments in life are fleeting. 

“We’ve all been there and we can come out of it,” he said. “This song is about that inner strength that helps us get through it. Whether you’re out of work and can’t pay your bills, or you’re just feeling down, we’ve all been in that dark trench. And this is a comical song that helps us put things in perspective.” 

Lxrd Melchior is no stranger to darkness … literally. About 10 years ago he started losing his sight from complications that he said arose from years of abuse in the foster care system. Today, he is a blind artist who uses his music to help paint pictures for others. Lxrd Melchior’s eyesight literally being blocked has created a heightening of his senses resulting in a phenomenon called Synesthesia – he can literally see sound. To him, it takes the form of color, and so as he paints his musical pictures, he’s trying to help the world see the same colors he sees. 

“I’m able to hear and feel music on another level that most people can’t comprehend,” he said. “It’s a phenomenon that lets you hear my music as I’m feeling it. Lyrically, I know how to make you visualize. I know how to produce in a way that brings all those points together so that the whole world is lit up in color like it is for me. Through my music, I’m trying to better the world. I can’t see like I used to, so I paint pictures with my words.” 

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“Next Level” 

FeenoGoHard – Sinister

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New single ‘Sinister’ from FeenoGoHard hits fans with raw energy 

CHICAGO, IL – A lot of people like to talk about what they’re going to do someday – the big things they’ll accomplish in the future. But FeenoGoHard doesn’t just talk. He puts his money where his mouth is. His latest single “Sinister” is evidence of that fact.  

Showcasing dope flows on a hot Trap beat, “Sinister” is the perfect showcase of this young up-and-coming artist’s talent. He’s a musician who is dripping with confidence and cannot wait for the “someday” that so many others talk about… he’s ready to have his dreams realized now.  

“I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing,” he said. “I’ve been putting in the work non-stop for over four years. I’ve done shows and worked with different producers and been everywhere in the industry so that I can know the business aspect of it. I’ve taken a lot of steps to get where I want to get, and this song is another part of that journey. It’s a song that I know will attract a lot of attention and get me more fans all over the world.” 

Originally from Chicago, young Che Williams first dropped on the music scene in 2016 with his single “Every Day.” He adopted the stage name FeenoGoHard as homage to his father who had the name Feeno tattooed on his neck. His father went by that name when he was in the streets. When Williams was a child, he looked up to him. He started out as Lil Feeno which is how most of the people in his neighborhood knew him. But when he shot a video for his remix to J.Cole’s “Neighbor,” he dropped the tag “FeenoGoHard” in the song and has been known by the moniker ever since. However, it’s important to note that Feeno got a lot of support from his mom, Lasonya Alexander, too. 

Since that time, he’s worked hard at cultivating a sound and style that stands out in the middle of a crowded music industry. He’s created a new label called GangOnDaWay which includes a team of artists like Kappa Duke, TruboiDaSingerGMarii and Big Kheeno. But more than anything, Feeno’s music speaks to his ability to cut to the core of the truth around him, and to bring unvarnished lyrics with stories that connect with listeners all over the world. 

“I want my music to be known for what it really is,” he said. “I don’t replicate anything in my music. I’m giving people something they can really relate to. Whether I’m speaking or rapping, you know you’re gonna feel it on a personal level. That’s because I’m giving people a picture of my personal experience and showing the world that there are people like me who have been through it and know how to navigate through it, and hopefully I can inspire them to get through it as well. That’s what my music does – it allows you to feel it and know that it’s real. Plus I’m versatile.  I can come with every genre of music. I’m known for that versatility.” 

FeenoGoHard said he’s planning on dropping a mixtape called “Sinister” in October.  

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Artist Anderson – Nope

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 Multigenerational musician Artist Anderson releases timely new album ‘Free’ 

LAS VEGAS, NV – Artist Anderson, born Marlon Anderson, is the kind of inspirational musician whose unique sound and style is not only entertaining but also motivating. In a day and age when so much of the world is confusing and filled with despair, Artist Anderson is creating music that not only influences people to make better life decisions but also motivates them to choose hope. 

His new album, “Free” dropped on July 31st, and its 10 songs explore themes of emotional and spiritual freedom. It’s a message that he uses to inspire people every day of his life as founder and director of the nonprofit organization The Renaissance Movement (TRM). Founded in 2018, the organization exists to build community and expand culture through faith, love, unity and fellowship. TRM offers programs to communities all over the world that teach, train and empower people through a wide variety of disciplines – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even practically with things like home stabilization and vocational skills. 

Artist says his new album “Free” is designed to draw attention to the rooted issues hidden deep in us as a human race. It gives a soundtrack to TRM as a nonprofit organization while also standing alone as a spark of inspiration for anyone who listens.  

“No one is really free until they’re mentally free,” he said. “On this album, I talk about helping people heal from hurts and pains and unforgiveness. It’s about healing overall in general and understanding that in order to be really free, we have to be honest about our mental oppression. You, along with God are the only onewho can really set you free.” 

Artist Anderson comes from a storied family pedigree of musicians and has seen success as a musician in years past. His father, Robert James Anderson III, was a singer, musician and songwriter, as was his mother Sharon Anderson. Artist got his start in music by singing with his dad and brother, Branden Anderson, who now serves as his manager. Collectively, they were known as Bob Anderson and Sons. The group became very popular in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia, appearing on television shows and singing every week at various churches across the area.  

Later, Artist would be one of the founding members of the international and award-winning group G.I. They went on to have numerous Billboard radio hits and top albums. In 2010, Artist left the group to pursue a career as a pastor, but five years later, he returned to music and began his solo career. His debut EP “Life x Love x Music” in 2016 received wide acclaim, and his single “I’m Blakkk” released in 2019 has seen millions of streams.  

Today, Artist said he wants to create a sound and style that is unique from anything else on the market while also serving as inspiration to help heal communities and expand culture. 

“What I talk about in conjunction with the type of sound I create doesn’t usually go together,” he said. “My music catches the ear and has a message that touches people. I’m unique, but I also have a mixture of a lot of what’s going on right now in music. I’ve recreated myself and my sound is branded from all areas of my life – Hip Hop, Rap, Conscious, Gospel and so much more. At the end of the day, I want my music to be known for one thing: lives being changed and people becoming whole. Healing is my brand and healing is my message.” 

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Mr. Talkbox – Hold On Change Is Coming

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Mr. Talkbox parlays success with biggest names in the industry into fifth solo album ‘Playlist’ 

NASHVILLE, TN – It’s time to start paying attention to the artist you don’t know you know. You’ve been listening to him for years … you just didn’t realize you knew it was him. 

His name is Mr. Talkbox and he’s been featured on some of the biggest singles in history. Take Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” – Mr. Talkbox performed the iconic intro to the song. It’s a song that has been streamed more than a billion times. There’s also Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty” featuring Rhianna, or the Cardi B/Bruno Mars collaboration “Please Me,” or T-Pain’s “May I.” The list goes on and on. He’s worked with contemporary Christian artists like Toby Mac, Cece Winans and Andy MineoHe’s worked with Jazz & Funk Greats like Nathan East & Bootsy CollinsHe has Grammy awards and Dove awards and has been on global tours with the biggest names in music. And yet he has flown under the radar for far too long. 

All that is about to change with his new album “Playlist,” set to debut on Sept. 25. The 15-song project takes a three-prong approach to displaying Mr. Talkbox’s unique sound and style, with three separate playlists showcasing his highly original music.  

“This album embodies all the vibes you feel on the weekend,” Mr. Talkbox said. “Friday’s Playlist is the post-work dance break that we all need. Saturday’s Playlist has the R&B and Hip Hop tracks that make you wanna cruise with the top down. While Sunday’s Playlist takes you to a hip church service that encourages the soul. It’s an album that’ll make you want to dance a bit but also feed your soul, and the way we do it with the Talkbox is pretty cool.” 

Pre-orders for the album will begin on Aug. 28 and run throughout the course of the next month. Not only is the project one that will put the Talkbox instrument on full display, as well as showcase his mastery of that sound, but it’s also an album that will feature a wide range of other well-known artists. Included on “Playlist” will be features from: T-Pain, Andy Mineo, BJ the Chicago Kid, Avery*Sunshine, PJ Morton of Maroon 5, J Moss, Shirley Murdock of the original Roger and Zapp, John Cooper of Skillet, Cory Wong guitarist from Vulfpeck, Mono Neon who was the last bass player for Prince, Shelby 5, and his own family members who are recording artists in their own right – his mother, Sharon Chambers, and his daughter and son Yaubryon and Lil Byron.  

The debut single from the album is already available for people to listen to. It’s called “Hold on Change is Coming featuring Shelby 5. It is a remake of the award winning Sounds of Blackness featuring the Legendary Late Great Roger Troutman. Shelby 5 uses their pop styling to partner with Mr. Talkbox to pay homage to Roger Troutman who is perhaps best known for his work with Tupac and Dr. Dre on the song “California Love.” 

I have hit songs in every genre and I want ‘Playlist’ to mirror that,” Mr. Talkbox said. “My career has been built on this instrument, and I’ve been fortunate to appear on so many artists’ records. I’ve won Grammys and Dove awards and toured with the biggest names in the industry, but I’m still the artist that you don’t know you know. You’ve been listening to me but you didn’t know it was me. This album will change that for sure.” 

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“Hold On Change Is Coming” 

Jessie Tylre Williams – Breathe

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 Canadian Country/Pop artist Jessie Tylre Williams releases timely single ‘Breathe’ 

MEDICINE HAT, CANADA – A song that’s perfect for the times is hitting the mass market from award-winning Country and Pop artist Jessie Tylre Williams. The song is called “Breathe” and this Canadian songbird said there couldn’t have been a better time in her career to release this single than in 2020 when the world is facing so many unimaginable hardships. 

It’s perfect timing for what we’re going through globally,” Williams said. “We can’t control what’s going on in the world, but we can control what’s going in our own lives just by breathing. This song is about getting through each moment as it comes – just keep breathing and moving on. We only get one chance at life, so take it to the limit and reach for the sky and don’t wake up one day and say you didn’t try.” 

The mid-tempo Country track is laced with Pop vibes and perfectly suits her soaring vocals. This Manitoba-born songstress now lives in Alberta and has been entertaining the masses with her voice for most of her life. Though she followed a gypsy lifestyle from a young age, music has always been the thing that has grounded her. As a passionate singer and songwriter, Jessie preaches the potential of sound and voice as a healing medium and gains her musical influence through lending a hand to help others that need support during their own hardships. 

“I feel so blessed to be able to use music as a way to connect with people and help them through their hardships with hopes that I can inspire others along the way,” she said. “We must never stop believing. Where there is life, there truly is hope. Music is such a powerful force and it can really heal and transform lives.” 

Over the course of her career, Williams has become known for a strong ability to pair authentic acoustic sounds and melodies with a lilting and distinct voice. In both her writing and live performances, Williams demonstrates her raw and inspiring experience of survival and determination, which drives her to create original, empowering material. Each song, like a separate chapter of her life, unfolds a story of continual hope and courage, moving listeners through her lyrical exposure of emotion. 

“At the end of the day, I just want to resonate with my fans and I want to connect with people soulfully through my music, helping them get through each moment, one breath at a time.” 

If the global charts are any indication, she’s been connecting with quite a few people around the globe. Within only the first week of the single’s release, Williams was hitting the tops of the charts. She charted No. 50 with the New Music Weekly Country Music list, as well as No. 23 and No. 25 respectively, on two other lists. And most impressively, she charted No. 1 with Country Radio’s Most Added list! 

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Renatasya – If Only

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Seattle crooner showcases soulful vocals with smooth summer single ‘If Only’ 

SEATTLE, WA – The soulful sounds of the hot new single from Seattle’s Renatasya creates the perfect song for the summer. One part R&B, one part Jazz, and all parts Swag, “If Only” is the perfect display of Renatasya’s beautiful vocals – the kind of signature sound that pierces through the crowded world of today’s music industry. From the opening bars of the synthesizer – which takes the listener into an almost movie-soundtrack-type vibe to the final chords of her last notes – Renatasya takes fans on a journey that inspires others to leave behind hardships and start anew. 

“It’s a song about leaving behind a toxic relationship and turning over a new leaf,” she said. “I’m sharing my story of past loves, dreams and passion for music. But more than anything, it’s about being in a toxic relationship and having the courage to leave and move on. It’s relatable to everyone because we all go through ups and downs when it comes to romantic relationships. Sometimes we’re blinded by what we want and we don’t try very hard to overcome those hard relationships. I’ve been able to find my own closure from an upset relationship, and my music helped me to do that. It’s not bittersweet – I can enjoy it and enjoy this new path.” 

The upbeat single from this fast-rising West Coast artist is the kind of debut that makes people all over the world sit up and pay attention. Having been a songwriter based in Seattle for the past few years, Renatasya has put together quite a resume of collaborations and performances. Her music can be described as a combination of Soul, R&B, Jazz and modern Pop. And with her background of playing with bands and jazz musicians, she’s primed to make a big push into the industry with her original music.  

“I don’t say no to any opportunities and I love to explore new sounds and vibes,” she said. “I like the 80s in particular, especially the disco kind of vibes of that time period. But I’m also into contemporary Pop and R&B, and most people would describe my vocals as Neo-Soul. I’m very soulful and I love to mix all those things together while bringing in some Jazz. At the end of the day, I want to be known not just as an artist but as someone who is appreciated for my boldness in exploring different sounds. My music is an extension of who I am. I’m an underdog – a person who has dealt with low self-esteem and self-doubt, but who is using her love for music to connect with people. So I hope people appreciate me for who I am and see the light I’m trying to bring to the world.” 

“If Only” is currently available across all streaming platforms. It features Seattle artist David Heavens as well as producer Juhan Ongbrian. 

To listen to Renatasya’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit: 

If Only