North Carolina Rapper Friday Fontana Drops “Nasty” Featuring DJ Luke Nasty


There’s a common misconception about hustler’s ambition. Many assume that it’s a hunger for success acquired and strengthened over time. But contrary to popular belief, it isn’t something you learn; it’s something you’re born with. And North Carolina Rap phenom Friday Fontana has a hustler’s ambition running through his veins. He is the essence of a hustler.

Friday Fontana is a determined independent rapper with an international appeal. At first listen to his music it’s evident that this music maverick has the power and the talent to become a household name on the urban music landscape. With uncensored emotion, hard-hitting beats and honest melodies, Frinday Fontana’s songs tell the story of a unique path. From tragedies and heartbreak to glory and triumph, the explosive wordsmith takes you on an inspiring journey.

Friday Fontana infuses his music with the flavor and spirit of his city Greensboro, North Carolina. He shows the true grit of his town. His songs include a realistic portrait of the city from the hood to the suburbs. “I am North Carolina” states Friday. His mission is to give a voice to those who are not getting heard and entertain folks at the same time. He makes music for the underdogs.

The rising rap star is currently riding high and making an impact with his latest music video entitled “Nasty” featuring DJ Luke Nasty. The song is a hard hitting street anthem with a catchy hook, top notch production and raw lyricism. The single is garnering accolades and airplay on mixshows from around the country. Moreover, the tantalizing music video has eye candy galore and it was deftly directly by The Moonrunners.

Friday Fontana looks to excel where his contemporaries have failed by supplying the streets with a steady dose of marketable Hip-Hop that appeals to a mass audience. Friday Fontana’s poetic rap lyrics give insight to the very soul and core of his motivation and unrelenting desire to achieve the ultimate level of success.


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[New Video] RichNice “Rich & Milli”


An Up and coming Music artist is ready to change hip hop! His name is RichNice, hailing from Brooklyn, NY this young rookie can spit and not only does he spit, but he can also do so much more for the culture. RichNice will make labels regret not to sign him.

 With the release of his highly anticipated music video & single “Rich & Milli”, RichNice is a breath of fresh air in the over saturated hip hop music scene with a unique style and undeniable flow that will leave fans wanting more.
The infectious visual will leave you hitting the replay button over and over! RichNice is ready to take over the industry. He’s fully committed to make a name for himself, especially through difficult times right now. RichNice wants to bring something different to music. 
Enjoy the new music video & single “Rich & Milli” now available on RichNice YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more highly anticipated releases from the promising artist, follow him on his social media @firstclassrich

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VIDEO: Squalla – Look At Me @callmesqualla

LOS ANGELES, CA [September 4, 2020] — Coming off a brief, yet worthwhile hiatus, Houston-born, California-living hip-hop artist Squalla makes a monstrous return with his brand new single “Look At Me” out now on all platforms. Always bringing a unique sound and energy to the track, Squalla’s fans can expect the same effort on this Gooney Tunes-produced record. Equipped with confident bars, a mesmerizing flow, and a perfect backdrop to lay his lyrics down, it’s safe to say the Houston emcee delivered tenfold on his first single release in two years. To add to the excitement, Squalla also delivered an exciting and trippy video courtesy of SwaySeason, where the free-spirited and braggadocios spitter shoots some hoops, kicks it with a slew of pretty girls, and forces you to do exactly what the song title says.
First getting his start in 2016 with his debut album Anxiety, Squalla has been hard at work and quickly building a name for himself down south and beyond. Since the release of his debut, Squalla has received major press coverage across notable platforms, has worked with the likes of Zaytoven and Honorable C Note, and most importantly has begun to grow a loyal fan base supporting his every move. Squalla has since relocated to Los Angeles to take things a step further and continue to put himself in position to win. While 2020 has been a topsy-turvy year to say the least, “Papa G” has no intention of slowing down any time soon.
Stream and Download Squalla’s brand new single “Look At Me” (prod. by Gooney Tunes) out now!

[Video] Silence OPC – No Capp


Official Paper Chasers Records very own Silence OPC is back and presenting the visuals for his smash hit single No Capp. Silence OPC wants the world to know exactly how he’s coming, how he feels and where he comes from. He’s letting everybody know what he speak is official, raw, authentic and that’s No Capp. He’s most definitely waking up everyone that’s sleep to his wave and ways of doing things, while asking who want it. Come take a first class tour to a part of his world, as he walks you through his yard. Silence is painting a perfect picture, riding every instrument, letting everybody know he’s going to stand up not down. He don’t do to much talking $$$hhhh!!!

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Director: Carolina Blue Films
Visuals: Haze OPC

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Hip Hop Collective Da Cotton Pickas Drop Visual For “I DON’T TRUST YOU”


Da Cotton Pickas are a collective of socially conscious artists nationwide. They represent their ancestors, who were people that worked hard and never gave up or gave in, even when they were being cheated out of their wages. Additionally, the collective has a film series connected to their movement. The first film entitled “DA COTTON PICKAS” is based on the con game called sharecropping. It includes a soundtrack called ” NEGRO SPIRITUALS,” which is available on all streaming platforms.

The second film installment will be ” GIMMIE MINES, ” a powerful film representing the demand for the broken promise of 40 acres and a mule. Moreover, there is a single currently out off the soundtrack entitled “I DON’T TRUST YOU.” The “GIMMIE MINES” film debuts in January 2021. Equally important, the soundtrack will feature KHUJO from Goodie Mob. The goal is to continually release content about Black culture told from the souls of black folks.

Each artist within Da Cotton Pickas brings his different gifts of art and lyrical experience to embody encouragement, motivation, and self love. The collective personifies perseverance, which is the sole description of Black people in America.

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[Video] Samuel Lavon – Memba Dat | @SamuelLavon


Memba Dat Official Video

Written By Samuel Lavon, Faith Evans
Produced By Kristopher Duweese Howell aka Kris Keyz
Album – The 10 Year Collage
Recorded at Kris Keyz Studios
Video Recorded and Edited by Nicholas Hunt for Can’t Stop Media

From Samuel Lavon’s latest project titled “The 10 Year Collage”
Available on all platforms where music is available!

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New Video ‘Love on the Run’ by Jezsica J x Justyn Moon


A new era of R&B/Pop that brings a voice to captivate the soul along with the savage beauty of a Queen by the name of Jezsica J, and Of course cant forget the talented mastermind that has no limits behind the sound, the one and only Justyn Moon.

Produced by: Justyn Moon
Videographer: KLovizionz

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Official Video:

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KHNG – No Problems

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      KHNG pairs Island vibes with Hip Hop on new EP ‘Coronation’ 

TORONTO, CANADA – A new EP from Toronto-based artist, KHNG, is the perfect upbeat, Island vibe needed during a tough year. “Coronation” is KHNG’s first project, which consists of 6 songs, executive produced by Emtee Cup Gang and Execution Records, KHNG’s own label. This rising musician has already established himself as an international artist, and the new EP is set to take that even further with songs that celebrate party vibes inspired by KHNG’s Guyanese culture and Caribana, which is celebrated every year in Toronto. 

“This project dives deep into my roots and my personality, it has a very upbeat vibe,” KHNG said. “I incorporated the carnival theme which is a big thing in my culture and since we couldn’t celebrate Caribana this year, I decided to bring a little bit of that energy and vibes to the people.” 

Released on Aug. 13, the EP taps into the signature sound of this fast-rising artist who pairs Island vibes with Hip Hop for a unique blend that works perfectly with his original flow. This project also features a bit more vocals from KHNG, especially on the two breakout singles “Dive In” and “No Problems.” 

With “Dive In,” KHNG expresses a personal experienceIt’s a situation where sometimes you know better – but still keep doing the same thingover and over and you can’t help it,” he said. “I was nervous about releasing this song. This was the first single off the project and I knew I needed to come strong. I think the song took a lot of people by surprise – they’ve never seen that side of me. 

The second single, “No Problems,” has more of a playful vibe and is fully equipped with its own  quarantine music video.  The song is perfect for today’s tumultuous cultural climate in that it encourages listeners to throw away life’s worries and just enjoy the moment. 

The team had a blast recordinthis and we recorded a few parts in falsetto, which is the first time I’ve ever taken that risk too! 

“What I want more than anything is for my music to reflect my individuality while also embracing the good vibes and positive energy that my roots have inspired. I hope people are able to really feel me,” he said. If my songs are able to make a difference in someone’s life  whether through meaningful lyrics or through the sound – that alone, brings satisfaction to me. The key factor is spreading that positivity.” 

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IR Fantastic – Power Nap

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I.R. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. creates sound that bends and breaks with powerful liquid flow on forthcoming album ‘My Liquid Thesis’ 

GOODYEAR, AZ – Bruce Lee had a theory that every martial artist should embrace the idea of being like water – free flowing and powerful. That’s the perfect description for the music coming from Hip Hop artist I.R. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. He calls it “liquid” and it’s a style that takes center stage on his new album “My Liquid Thesis” which is set to drop on his birthday on Nov. 6.  

“It’s the kind of music that goes around and under shit and seeps through cracks,” I.R. said. “It’s also the powerful kind of music that’s brutally honest and touches on some really personal stuff. I don’t regret anything. I believe regrets are for the dead and the dying. I was shot at the age of 12 and doctors said I might not ever walk again. Until the book is closed, I can’t say that getting shot was the worst thing that ever happened to me because in a lot of ways, it’s what taught me to be resilient and to work hard. It’s all about defying the odds from the beginning, and this album embraces that. Through this collection of songs, you’ll get a good grasp and ambiance of what my life is. I believe it’s liquid because it has to have the ability to stretch and flow, destroy and create.” 

With hits like “I am I.R.” and “Power Nap,” I.R.’s forthcoming project is an undeniable powerhouse of raw talent. It shows why he embraces the name “Flying Above Non-Believers That Always Said That I Couldn’t.” Born and raised in Gary, Indiana but now operating out of Goodyear, Arizona, I.R. creates atmospheric music that lives in the genre of Hip Hop but breaks that mold by fusing different sounds and styles in original and eclectic ways. He calls that process of creating new sounds “slow cooking,” meaning the process was a “necessary evil in order to get my current level of readiness.” 

“Every track I record and release is based on my actual experience,” he said. “It’s in that way that I manage to avoid boxes. I believe that music should be freedom in the way that it bends and breaks.” 

Today, at the age of 38, this talented artist is assembling his collection of music under the new independent label E.A.R.F.U.L.L.A. Music (Emancipated Artist Recordings Featuring Unfiltered Love Life and Music). In recent years, he’s been writing and recording as much as possible while using his label to help motivate younger artists who are trying to get a foot in the door of the industry. And with this new album, he hopes to show the world that when music comes from the heart and a vulnerable place, the vibe will be undeniable. His music is available on every major platform including Tidal, Pandora and TikTok.   

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“I am I.R.” 

[Video] @cge312 ‘Bad’


In the wake of everything going on, Music Artist have to keep working in the music business. This holds true for Chicago’s rising talent, CGE(Chase Guap Everyday), a rap duo making their way into the music industry. A melodic mix of unique cadence and word play, with catchy hooks that stick with listeners. The group prides themselves in their relentless work ethic and endless grind. This can be seen in their latest release(s), two singles with videos in back-to-back weeks titled, “3 Commas” & “Bad” Click the links to check out more. Be sure to follow CGE on all social media platforms