ValenciaP – Try Me

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ValenciaP Turns Over New Leaf on Transformation 

ValenciaP remembers where she’s been. The past remains close to her heart. But more than that, she understands the power of the future. Letting go of what used to be and seeking what will be. A changing season… Metamorphosis… ValenciaP is an artist in transition. She’s become something entirely new. Fans can recognize this palpable sense of transition in ValenciaP’s butterfly logo. “I was shy,” she revealed. “I promised myself I would never be homeless again. When I started writing and producing music, I saw a caterpillar at my front door. I took that as a sign that I was becoming something different. I’d been changed into ValenciaP, the artist.”  

Her album Transformation (out April 5 and pre-orders April 1) finds a ValenciaP charting unmapped territory. Though she grew up singing in the youth choir, it wasn’t until she began writing her material that she felt called beyond comfort. “As a kid, I would make up beats with my hands,” she said. “When I got older, I started doing music on my own. Around 2007, I started doing beats on my own (on the computer) and writing. 2020 was the first time I produced music. I wanted to express my feelings about stuff that’s out there in the world.” 

ValenciaP unveiled the Transformation track “Try Me” as her introduction to the world. The serendipitous track carries magic that awaits discovery. “One day I was just mixing,” said ValenciaP. “Practicing with using some beats and loops and stuff. I heard that beat and I loved it! I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I love that! That’s fire!’ So, I went with it. Then I thought about the Ying Yang Twins. I said, ‘I should whisper in this song.’ And that made it even better.”  

Though the Transformation album itself represents ValenciaP following her dreams, other references to dreams abound. Tracks like “Adam & Eve” and “Cinderella Never-Ending Love Story” detail astral encounters with a soul-mate-to-be. “I’ve had recurring dreams about a man I’ve never met,” explained ValenciaP. That’s what ‘Adam & Eve’ is about. Being in love with someone you’ve never met.” 

As a self-taught musician and author, ValenciaP is entirely a one-woman show. Aside from music, her artistic journey also includes film production. “I’m hoping to make my movies one day and do music videos and stuff like that,” said ValenciaP. “But music is my passion. I love being creative. The trouble would get someone to work with my creativity. But I think it would help my music. And it would help me be more extroverted.”  

Besides the Transformation album release, ValenciaP will also perform via a live stream. Fans can catch her at the ITNS Radio Showcase Showdown April 16 – April 19. Tickets start at $5. 

 Stream ValenciaP’s music and follow her social media channels at the links below! 

Evan Oldenburg – Jackie’s Song

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Punk and Folk Rocker Evan Oldenburg explores death and life on new album ‘Typewriters & Tombstones’

SAGINAW, MI – Anyone who has ever heard an old-school typewriter knows that there’s a certain nostalgic rhythm that comes with the machine. It’s hypnotic, in a way, and evokes a specific kind of feeling. That unique vibe is what Michigan artist Evan Oldenburg has captured with his latest album, “Typewriters & Tombstones” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. After years of recording and performing with the band Rounding Third, he has ventured out on his own to pursue a career as an independent artist, and this is his debut solo release.

“I like typewriters because there’s a rhythm to them that inspires music to a certain degree,” he said. “The intro and outro of this album have typewriter sounds but overall, it’s an album that is a pretty good split between Punk Rock and Folk. It’s a project that examines death and finality and what we do with our lives.”

Oldenburg is from a small farm town in Mid-Michigan, where he was raised on a steady diet of Bruce Springsteen and Doo-Wap music. In 2007, he had the opportunity to see Springsteen live on his Magic Tour, and the music bug took hold. He picked up the guitar after reading Slash’s autobiography and hasn’t looked back since. He said music has become like therapy for him, and as he’s matured over the years, he’s found fewer and fewer songs that he connects with.

“So I decided to write my own songs,” he said. “I write what I know and what happens to me, and it’s usually catchy Punk Rock that deals with real things. It’s not made up. I take a bit of an old-school approach to songwriting – just basic chords and basic poetry. But I’m trying to write songs that will get stuck in people’s heads. I want people to relate to these songs. I had a hard time finding songs that I could relate to, and I think that people listening to these will be able to relate to them in ways that a lot of other music today isn’t able to do.”

The standout single from his album is a great example of that. “Jackie’s Song” is a Folk Rock Ballad with a catchy hook and heavy guitar work that he said is inspired by his girlfriend, Jackie Heath. The song starts from the point of view of a guy who went through a bad breakup and has given up on love. But “Jackie” comes out of nowhere and reignites the passion in his life.

“She inspired a lot of things,” Oldenburg said of his girlfriend Jackie. “I have grandparents who dated in high school and ended up staying together for 65 years until he died, and Jackie makes me believe I could be with someone like that for the rest of my life. She makes me dream about life in the future.”

Not only is Heath the inspiration for that single, but she also is featured as a vocalist on another song from the album, “Blue Eyed Beauty.” Oldenburg also worked with his cousin, Nathan Thompson, and a friend, Jared Murphy, who played guitar and bass respectively on a couple of songs on the album.

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Johnny Brooks – Quiet

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Johnny Brooks continues legacy of making hits with latest single ‘Quiet’

MIAMI, FL – Johnny Brooks takes melodic rapping to another level. The multitalented artist from Miami, Florida has been building music from the ground up for the past decade, creating unique sounds and styles for Hip Hop purists and those filling the record shops, concert halls and lyricist lounges around the world. With head-nodding hooks and a genuine ease on a track, his music captures the attention of the staunchest supporters of old-school Hip Hop mixed with contemporary sensibilities.

His latest single, “Quiet” was released on March 23, and is the perfect example of how this seasoned veteran of the industry makes some of the highest-quality music in the game today. Produced by Rico Santana, the smooth Hip Hop groove is the most organic creation of his career. Unlike most of the other songs he’s crafted in years ‘past, “Quiet” was born in the moment from a beat that Santana put on one day in the studio and Brooks just improvised on the spot.

“I just started going off the dome, basically,” he said. “It just came out naturally. I didn’t think much about it – when I heard the beat he made, I just started flowing. It was extremely organic, and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s about a girl who disappeared on a guy out of the blue and the strong connection between them. The fire died out over time and the guy never understood why. He goes on a quest to find out where she went and to try to re-ignite the flame and remind her that they have a spark that can’t be found anywhere else.”

The St. Maarten-bred Brooks was born into a musical family and is no stranger to late nights in the studio. His parents opened the first professional recording studio in St. Maarten in 1984, and throughout his childhood, he was able to rub shoulders with some of the best up-and-coming artists of the Caribbean. He also got a front-row seat to the process of making hits, and his hands-on education paid off over the years as he gradually developed a signature style of his own. With strong roots in Reggae and the pedigree of his surname, it would have been easy for Brooks to continue the tradition in the stylings of the Caribbean. But experiencing the polar opposite lifestyles between the affluence of his white mother and the trenches of his black father, Brooks opted to venture in a different direction with his musical talents by way of Hip Hop – the language of his generation. Immersing himself in the popular sounds of Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie and Tupac, he began to create hits like “Thoughts Never Die” and “Test the Potency,” which resonated with an ever-widening global fanbase.

“My music is just feel-good vibes,” he said. “It’s therapeutic. That’s what I’m aiming for and hoping to bring to the table when I’m creating these songs – some kind of positive impact to the listener. As such, there probably won’t ever be a ‘perfect touch,’ but there will always be a vibe that you feel. That’s why I’m able to create and just flow. I’m demonstrating to the world that I can create a vibe for you that you can enjoy.”

Following “Quiet,” Brooks said he has plans to release another single called “Landscape” which should come out this summer.

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Ygk Drako – Show Off

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YGK Drako drops energetic Trap groove with new single ‘Show Off’

LITTLE ROCK, AR – For Justin Utsey, music has always been a way to escape, stay positive and connect with people who share his similar story. Troubled by a rough life growing up on the streets of the south side of Little Rock, Arkansas, this young artist who goes by the stage name YGK Drako turned to boxing, and fighting became a mainstay throughout much of his younger years. But in 2007, he discovered a love for music and found that he had a natural talent for creating unique sounds and styles that others seemed to love. Music became his escape from a life of crime, and he hasn’t looked back since.

His latest single, “Show Off,” is a chill, mellow vibe with a Trap groove that is one of the hottest tracks he’s ever created. Currently available across all digital streaming platforms, the song has a catchy energy that pairs perfectly with his bars as he raps about anything and everything that might cross his path on a daily basis.

“This is me showing what I can do while trying to reinvent myself,” he said. “I just wanted to change some things up and show people my new self. I’m rapping about money and jewelry and cars and being from the hood, and just all the everyday things I’ve seen. I’m just trying to be myself and stay original. I don’t try to keep up with whatever anyone else is doing. I’m just being true to who I am.”

YGK Drako said one of the things that helps him stand out from the midst of a crowded music industry is his unique voice. Inspired by legends like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Future, YGK Drako fuses his Rap with a wide variety of other styles from various other genres. He credits artists like Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Adele, and Justin Bieber as just a few of the musicians who have helped to expand his appreciation for good music.

“Like them, I just want to be known as a great artist,” he said. “Anything you hear from me is gonna be something hype. I’m looking to do this for the rest of my life because this is truly something I’m passionate about. I’ve never heard another artist with my voice, and I’m ready for the world to hear it.”

Following “Show Off,” YGK Drako said he has another single called “Curry” set to drop in March.

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Edric Divo – Know My Name

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Multitalented artist offers introspective look at identity with piano-driven new track ‘Know My Name’

BROOKLYN, NY – Musician, songwriter and producer Edric DiVo is on a mission to be one of the best in the music industry. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York but originally from Haiti, this multitalented entertainer has spent the last eight years writing, producing and co-writing songs for other artists. Over time, he’s developed a unique sound and style that has become an in-demand product from many other musicians. But instead of pouring that energy into other artists’ success, he’s now taking those talents and offering the world his own music.

His latest single, “Know My Name,” is a slow jam, piano-heavy vibe that pairs low tones with his high, soaring vocals. There’s a weight to the song – both lyrically and tonally – that makes listeners dig deep into the message. DiVo said he hopes people will find different meanings in the song but ultimately, that it’s a track he created to bring people together.

“It’s about being different and being yourself,” he said. “It’s about being an individual. We’re not all the same, and this song is meant to encourage people to see you for who you are. Look beyond what you see on the outside.”
DiVo said the song is one of those rare lightning-strikes of inspiration that just seems to flow out in a stream of perfection. In his case, that flash of inspiration came at 4 in the morning. He sat down and started playing the piano and “the song pretty much wrote itself.” That’s not unusual for an artist of his caliber, who has been creating music on a daily basis for many years. He started playing the piano at age 13 and hasn’t looked back since – working as a DJ, jingle writer for commercials and TV shows, and collaborating with other artists. Along the way, he’s discovered a definitive style that is unlike anyone else in the game.

“My approach to music is what sets me apart,” he said. “I’m not just a musician, I’m an artist. I love music. It’s my passion. If a song is good, I don’t’ care what genre it is, I’ll love it. I don’t have a preference with a specific zone I stick with. I can change my songs to fit that diversity and I just take it where I want to take it. From Pop to Rap to R&B to Soul and everything else – I’m just putting out good music and good vibes. I want people to see I put my all into these songs. I’m not just putting out songs just to put out songs. I want people to enjoy what I’m trying to put out and to feel love for my songs.”

“Know My Name” is currently available across all streaming platforms on April 16, and DiVo said he has more singles planned for release in coming months.

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Young So – Back on

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Young Soldier fights battle of good and evil with new single ‘Back On’

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA – Young Soldier, AKA Young So the Tiger, started playing piano at age 13 and hasn’t looked back since. Today, he’s one of the fastest-rising young talents in the industry, and his new music is lighting up the West Coast in major ways. His latest single “Back On” has a cool West Coast sunny day kind of vibe that’s a perfect introduction to the upcoming warmer months. It’s West Coast Hip Hop that’s full of positivity and as such, it’s not your normal kind of Hip Hop.

“It’s a song about being on the West Coast and living the best life,” Young So said. “The one thing that sets me apart from anyone else out there is that I don’t talk about money or clothes or cars or sex or guns or hoes or jewelry. I talk about the truth of the life we have – the struggles between good and evil and the decisions we make that lead to bad things or good things. I’m more of a spiritual lyricist. You don’t find that often, especially in mainstream music today.”

Originally from New York, Young So and his family moved to California to pursue opportunities in the music industry. He was first introduced to music through his dad who was a DJ for a popular party company. Growing up, he was inspired by music of all styles and sounds until he and his brother – DJ Joey Blaq – started recording together. They created a group called Blaq Ent – a Christian Hip Hop group that helped him hone his craft and understand how to put truth and reality into his lyrics. He still works closely with his brother today and in fact, DJ Blaq was the producer on “Back On.” The single is the first off a forthcoming EP which he plans to drop in the next couple of months.

“For my whole life, I’ve had a military mindset,” he said. “When it comes to this music, I am a soldier. I’m fighting a battle between good and evil with this music. Evil is definitely in control of this industry, and I’m on the side of good fighting with my music. At the end of the day, I hope my music becomes extremely popular, hot and well-liked, but without having the same themes as everyone else. I want to be known as an artist who talks about positivity and good things. And ultimately, I want people to be surprised by my music.”

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Kennedy – Moment

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17-year-old Kennedy Beatty showcases mature vocals and relevant style with new singles ‘Bill$ Turn Blue’ and ‘Moment’

LEXINGTON, KY – A rising young star out of Lexington, Kentucky with a soulful and mature sound is causing a stir among music industry insiders. Kennedy Beatty is a 17-year-old singer and artist who has been gathering a wave of fans over the past year since she was first discovered by producer Frank Mabson and musician Doug Ford when she was a featured performer at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Breakfast in Lexington. Mabson and Ford knew immediately that her sound was unique and different than anyone else on the market today.

Beatty’s currently released single, “Bill$ Turn Blue,” was produced and written in Terry Baker’s (who has credits with Kirk Franklin and Bishop TD Jakes/Potters House) camp in Dallas, Texas. With a definitive R&B base mixed with Pop and Soul elements, “Bill$ Turn Blue” is a perfect showcase of this young star-in-the-making’s one-of-a-kind vocals and artistic ability. It’s a song that shows how versatile she can be with different genres, and how naturally it is for her to merge those genres into something truly original.

“When we were recording the song, the interpretation was open,” Beatty said. “My interpretation is that you’re in this relationship that is a very expensive relationship, but you want more than just an expensive relationship. You want a relationship that means something. That’s what was going on in my head at the time. I want my music to be relatable and have a message. That’s the kind of music I like to listen to. Right now, I think things that are relatable are relationships, because it’s something everyone goes through.”

Another single set to be released soon is “Moment,” which has more of a Pop record feel to it. It’s a song that Beatty said is all about taking a deep breath and allowing oneself to step aside from the hubbub of life for a moment to recenter and compose. She said it’s a great song for people today considering the up-and-down nature of the world and the stress it can cause on so many people.

At age 17, Beatty has a maturity beyond her years. Not only is she a full-time musician but she’s also a full-time student and a varsity starter on her school’s volleyball team. She juggles all of those activities with grace, however, and has a healthy perspective on what it takes to be successful in the things with which she hopes to succeed. Beatty acknowledges her faith in helping her stay centered, and like many talented vocalists she first started singing in her church.

“I have to stay extremely focused and know what’s going on in my life,” she said. “It’s kind of difficult, but it’s also fun. I’ve definitely proven to myself that I can do it and I can multi-task. I have a lot more music that I’m planning on putting out, and eventually I’m going to work toward a full project. More than anything, I hope people see that I’m becoming more eclectic in terms of some of the vibes I can offer. The biggest thing for me right now is to be relatable.”

“Bill$ Turn Blue” is currently available across all streaming platforms, while “Moment” is set to release world-wide on April 1.

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“Bill$ Turn Blue”

Jredie – Distant Cousin

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 Jredie motivates the broke and inspires the rich with new hit singles from forthcoming mixtape

LOS ANGELES, CA – When Jamel Walker was younger, growing up on the streets of Los Angeles, California, he was always a kid who was ready for anything – so much so that his entire family started calling him by the nickname Jredie. Over time, the name grew to encompass his brand as an artist and today, this fast-rising young musician is ready for his name to become an international sensation as he releases more and more hits on the global market.

His most recent offering to the world is a new single called “Distant Cousin.” Already available on all digital streaming platforms, Jredie recently released a music video to go with the single which has been getting thousands of streams. It’s a fun, upbeat song that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“I’m letting everybody know that I’m like the Bobby Brown of this,” he said. “I love women, and I want everybody to know I’m freaky. That’s me. I’m a nasty nigga – so much so that I’ll f*ck with my distant cousins. I’ll f*ck anything.”

Jredie said the song also explores betrayal and fake friends and how important it is to have loyalty in relationships. The video uses the concept of him signing to a major record label as a metaphor of his success, and he hopes that it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When fans listen to his music, they can expect to hear a wide range of sounds and styles. He takes pride in the fact that he’s not exclusive but rather creates music that is accessible to anyone and everyone. He can talk about rich lifestyles or get dirty with the details of street life. He can be full on profession with a suit and tie, or bring out the grunge and keep things raw. But more than anything, he wants his music to inspire people who listen to it and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

“I want my music to be known for motivation,” he said. “I make music for all the niggas that don’t got nothing. When they hear my music, I want them to say, ‘This nigga right here is really hip.’ I’m trying to motivate the broke, but I’m also talking to the rich. I just want my music to motivate you to go get some money.”

In addition to his new hit single “Distant Cousin,” Jredie said he’s currently at work on a mixtape called “Bitch I’m Him Not Them,” which should drop very soon.

Vi City Gears Up For His Next Release “i LuV3 m3” featuring MoneyBagg Yo!

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 Watch “OnGod” on over 150 music sites, media outlets, and publications; WorldStar, Thisis50, ItsBizkit, The Source, The Hype Magazine, Thats Enuff, HipHop Weekly, Hip Hop Dose, Traps N Trunks, HipHopSInce1987, HipHop Vibe, DIrty Glove,  just to name a few!!

Vi City’s new Single “OnGod” is on gaining speed!! “On God” is getting love on all platforms with well over a million views/listens!! Get ready because Vi City is about to turn it up with the next joint “i LuV3 m3” featuring MoneyBagg Yo!! Watch the BTS below and get in tune!! Help us run it up when it drops!!
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Officialvybe – What I’m Used Too

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OfficialVybe overcomes near-death experience to create music that inspires others 

ROCKFORD, IL – Just a few years after being in a coma for 47 days due to open heart surgery, Midwest rapper OfficialVybe has launched himself back on the music scene with a handful of hit singles. His most recent is the motivational track “What I’m Used To,” which launched wide across all streaming platforms earlier this year. It’s a song that announces to the world that he’s back in a major way and that his music today is a more mature and thought-provoking offering than his early work. The upbeat production created by Grammy Award winner Wyshmaster creates a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to have people up on their feet and motivated to take on the obstacles that so often get in the way of realizing one’s dreams. 

OfficialVybe is a rapper who initiated his craft under the guidance of Russell Barbary. He’s worked with Grammy winners such as Matty Trump and Wyshmaster, and has worked hard to develop an international presence so that today his music can be found being played in more than 120 countries worldwide. His sound is different because of his versatility. He does different sounds on different tracks, and he can switch up his voice to make it sound like he’s someone with whom fans aren’t familiar; and then he’ll come back with a sound that everybody likes. He’s constantly keeping his audiences on their toes. 

“I want to cater to different types of fanbases,” he said. “The more people I can reach, the better. My voice has changed over the years. It used to be deeper but after my surgery, it changed dramatically. I feel like people can hear me more clearly now, and I’m able to switch things up more often from track to track.” 

OfficialVybe said ultimately he wants his music to be known for inspiring others. With “What I’m Used To” for instance, he uses his artistic gift to motivate people to push past their problems and overcome the obstacles in their lives so as to achieve the goals they have before them. He points to his own life and the many challenges he’s pushed aside as an example that if he can do it, anyone else can, too. 

“For people who go through serious relationships and end up with a broken heart, my music can help them get over being heartbroken,” he said. “I make a lot of love songs. I make a lot of ambition songs. I make songs that inspire you to go out and get that money. Anything that’s gonna move the crowds, that’s what my music is about. I make music people can relate to. And whatever I make, I want it to affect them in entirely different ways. Mostly, I want people to vibe to my music and to be inspired.” 

OfficialVybe said he’s getting ready to shoot a music video for “What I’m Used To,” and then has plans to follow that up with a second single called “Thought It Was Love.”  

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