Nola B – Candles And SlowJam ft. Kalvin Kosha | @NolaBR

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‘Book of NOLA’ showcases new artist’s fresh sound while

highlighting New Orleans’ hip-hop

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The unique sounds and style of New Orleans hip-hop are on full display with the new album from up-and- coming artist NOLA B. The album, “Book of NOLA,” was released in December and is already making waves among fans throughout the South. And according to NOLA B, it’s not only a project that highlights the incredible diversity and history of his home-town, but also showcases some of the city’s incredible talent with features from LRG1, Southside, Neptunes, Just Blaze and more.

“It shows off a little bit of hip-hop and a little bit of R&B,” he said. “It’s flashy and gritty and street and just a mixture of multiple flavors. More than anything, it’s a collection of New Orleans artists.”

The debut single from the album is a song called “Candles & Slow Jam.” The song features Kalvin Kosha, who NOLA B said he met at a label that the two of them both worked for some years back. NOLA B produced a couple of songs for Kalvin Kosha, and “Candles & Slow Jam” is a song that the two of them worked on together about a year-and- a-half ago.

“He’s from Houston, but he would go to New Orleans all the time to do some work at the label,” NOLA B said. “When I moved out to Houston to go to college, I helped him with a video shoot and we got to talking about the song we’d already done together back in the day. We decided to go back into the studio and get it re-recorded. It was so good that we shot to the video for it all in like three days.”

The song is “all about how you want to treat your girl,” NOLA B said. It starts from the standpoint of a girl questioning her man’s ability to be romantic, and then takes a journey through the day of that man proving to the woman that he can be romantic. The music video shows this journey through NOLA B’s eyes as he works his romantic charms on a woman – in this case the model Shaquilla Salter – through three key scenes: a bedroom scene, with candles around the room; a bathtub scene, which candles all around the tub; and a scene on the roof of the hotel.

“It’s a hot and steamy kind of video for a hot and steamy kind of song,” NOLA B said. “I wanted to create a song to show that I can be romantic. You don’t have to be super soft, but you can be romantic to your woman, especially if she’s holding you down. You just have to finesse her a bit. I think it’s a perfect song for Valentine’s Day, and on top of that people can use some love right now with all this negativity in the world.”

The single is just one example from the album that NOLA B said is going to establish a sound that hasn’t been used since the early 2000s of hip-hop music.

“That bad boy sound where the bass is real smooth and there’s not so much heavy
compression,” he said. “It’s the kind of music that makes you want to bob your head and groove.”

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Travis Tillery – Radio Killer | @_travistillery

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Travis Tillery brings brash, in-your- face music to the world
with new mixtape ‘Kiss the Rings, Bitch!’

BROOKLYN, NY – Right off the bat, Travis Tillery wants you to know something: he’s the greatest singer/songwriter/producer of all time.

It’s a bold claim, and he knows it. He also knows that if you were to take any one of those individual things and put him up against others in the world, he might not be able to make that claim. But when it comes to artists who are a triple threat, Tillery said he thinks he has what it takes to be known as the best ever.

Listeners can decide for themselves with his new project, “Kiss the Rings, Bitch!” It’s a mixtape that Tillery has been developing for the better part of a year, and it’s a project that he said showcases his skills as a singer, songwriter and producer all in one perfect musical offering. He chose to name the mixtape this because it best captures the attitude he has at the moment, and it helps him address those who have doubted him or spoken negatively toward him along the way.

“It’s my message of blocking out all that noise and saying, ‘Fuck you,’ to be frank about it,” he said. “I can do whatever I want, and I believe my talents are there. When you listen to this mixtape you will feel the music. I know when I herald myself as the greatest of all time that might sound cocky, but I’ve been doing music for a long time and I feel very confident in this project. I may not be the best at any one single thing, but with a combination of those things I am. I’ve released several projects over the years where I’ve done all three – singing, songwriting and producing. And I think people know from those projects that my creative aspect sets me apart. Some of it is the diverse influences I’ve had over the years – from hip-hop to rock to alternative groups like The Dave Mathews Band or Coldplay. These are sounds that you don’t normally hear in urban music or hip-hop or R&B. But I go outside the box when it comes to creating sounds in those genres. I like to expand people’s minds and give a new spin and take on what’s going on out there. That’s why I say I’m the greatest of all time – there’s not really a voice out there like mine at the moment, and I’m going to prove it and show it through my performances.”

The mixtape features 11 different songs that explore a variety of different topics. Some are brash and showing off, while others embrace a nice hip-hop beat, and still others are mid-tempo with a vibe that allows listeners to just bop their heads to it. The first single off the mixtape is a song called “Radio Killer.” It’s a song that Tillery said deals with the difficult subject of aggravated harassment by way of telling a story from a moment in his own life. And though it is one of those brash, in-your- face kinds of songs, Tillery said he hopes people won’t jump to
conclusions without really diving into the music first.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” he said. “Yes, I’m brash and polarizing for some people. But I’m a musician who pushes the conversation. I’m more progressive and more aware of our First Amendment Rights, and I want to start a conversation to talk more about where we are withour art and music, and where it can go. So, yes, as long as it’s not threatening of anyone, I’m going to be provocative and sometimes graphic.”

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MidNight – Money | @RealMidNightEnt

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Years of waiting pay off for new artist Midnight
with release of single ‘Money’

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Cynthia Frederick has waited a long time to pursue her music dreams.

The 40-year- old rapper from Jacksonville, Florida was a budding young artist in her teenage years, but after getting married young and having two daughters, she chose to focus on her family and set her dreams of making it big in the music industry to the side. Today, the adult daughter may leave home soon to pursue her own career, and Frederick is ready to dive back into her passion for music. And just as she is reaching back in time to the talent she displayed as a young girl, she’s also reaching back to the name she was given during one of her first rap battles in high school.

“I used to battle rap in middle school and high school and one time I was rapping against another female,” Frederick said.” When she got done, I took my turn. And when I finished, she said, ‘Oh my gosh! You need to change your name to midnight, because you just come from out of nowhere and creep up on you.’ She said I’d start off and then all of a sudden, Bam! I’d hit you from out of nowhere. Ever since then the name Midnight stuck.”

As the artist known as Midnight, Frederick is preparing to release her first single. It’s a song called “Money” and it features some of her talent as a wordsmith and ability to light up lyrics laid over the top of a sick beat.

“It’s a song about my love for money,” Midnight said. “It’s a story that I’m telling of growing up and how all I heard when I was little was my mom talking about loving money. She was about two things: her kids, and getting money. That’s where the idea for this some came from.”

While Midnight features her strong rap talents on this single, she’s quick to point out that she has a diverse offering of other talents that listeners can check out on her other music. She can sing, she writes poetry, and she loves to collaborate with producers to create catchy beats. She said she hopes new listeners will check out her new single, “Money,” and fall in love with it so much that they’ll want to hear more from her. She said this is just the beginning of her resurgence in music, and she’s anxious to grow her fan-base more and more in the weeks and months to come.

“I waited a long time to pursue my music dreams,” she said. “I have always wanted to do music since the days when I was raised in the church. My dad was always opposed to me doing rap music, even though I loved it. But he loved to see me sing in the church. I had to give up my music because I got pregnant, but my husband told me now that my kids are grown I need to do something that makes me happy. Music has always been a part of my life. I’m like nothing without music. And I’m excited to share that passion with other people.”

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[Single] Eman Get Dough – Digital Dash @EmanGetDough


Miami recording artist Eman Get Dough is making waves as he drops off his latest single titled “Digital Dash” After splashing unto the scene in the WSHH liberated visual for “Never Tell Nobody” featuring Rich Homie Quan, Magic City-based recording artist Eman Get Dough returns with his latest single “Digital Dash” produced by Carl Paul, the song follows up his Coke Boy Zach assisted “Live Fast Die Young” and is perfect for any pre-game celebration. Eman Get Dough is gearing up for the release of his upcoming project Under The Influence this month. If you don’t know about the homie Eman Get Dough, it’s time to get familiar. Seven years ago, Eman was riding around with his closest cousin when they got into a deadly car crash. Eman was blessed enough to escape alive but unfortunately, his cousin was not. After a lengthy recovery, Eman was inspired to pursue his passion for music. “I used to be in the streets with my cousin,” Eman said according to a press release. “In 2011 we were involved in a serious accident that caused me to be paralyzed for months, and caused my cousin to lose his life. Once I got back into the swing of things, making music became my passion.” After refocusing and making the choice to take on the challenge of making a traumatic experience into something positive, Eman got busy in the studio. The last two years, the Haitian/Cuban lyricist has collaborated with Young Scooter, Rich Homie Quan, and most recently Coke Boy Zack. Eman grew up listening to many of the Louisiana Rap artists such as BG, Lil’ Wayne, and Lil’ Boosie because their content spoke to him in way that made them relatable. When he made the decision to step into the role of an artist, he knew he wanted his audience to feel that they, too, could relate to Eman’s music. Check out the new single “Digital Dash” and let us know what you think! Stream and purchase Eman Get Dough’s “Digital Dash” Follow Eman Get Dough on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud & Facebook.

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Spotify: Independantz Daze curated strictly for indie artists | @DjSmokemixtapes

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Dj Smoke has created a new collaborative playlist for indie rappers and similar type artists

This playlist can be found on Spotify it is titled “Dj Smoke – Independantz Daze”. This playlist currently features music from Grand National Ink, M.B.F., S.H.A.H. Cypha, Beadz, Faceless, SLMG Yella, and many others. The playlist is strictly for independent artists. They cater to Hip-Hop, Trap, Rap, even R&B artists are invited to add music to this blazing new playlist.

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[Video] D. Hall The Queen – Can’t Wait (Promo) (Shot By Dexta Dave) @dhallthequeen


With her fly but laid back style and precise delivery D Hall the Queen is showing the world why Detroit is considered a hotbed for music right now. Her new single, “Can’t Wait”, leaves you wanting to hear more fire from her and based on the song title we believe that D Hall the Queen “Can’t Wait” to give you just that. Keep your eyes and ears open for this emerging star!

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[Single] Young Melo – They Love Me ft. Juelz Santana & Sen City @iamyoungmelo


A lot is bubbling out of Brooklyn in 2018 but it seems like the new guys are chasing a sound that isn’t indigenous to the borough. This is where Young Melo comes in, a Brooklyn rapper that sounds like Brooklyn. “They Love Me” is a perfect example of how rappers can stick to the roots of their culture while staying modernized, but also not having to compromise the sound. It is a tough balance to find but the 22-year-old has it down. This effort is of course made easier by Dipsets own Juelz Santana and Sen City who both also do a good job of finding that balance and remaining authentic. For those that think Young Melo just got lucky and caught one with “They Love Me” they need to check out “Effen” by Tony Yayo where Melo is featured and steals the show. Check out “They Love Me” below and get back into that New York state of mind.

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