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(LOS ANGELES, CA) A unique new voice in Hip Hop blasts onto the scene via the addictive, ear candy single “Basics for Breakfast” from LA-based audio-visual artist, ERIEL INDIGO. Respected for her genre-bending anthems and high-concept music videos, this up-and-coming triple threat rapper, singer, dancer is forging a new lane and name for herself in the industry with a genuine voice and cultural identity that refuses to be pigeonholed into a one-dimensional brand. 

“Basics for Breakfast,” the second single off of the artist’s forthcoming album ‘Angels & Aliens’ offers up a lively Boom bap beat, produced by KEVN BLVK, brought to life by INDIGO’s catchy, stream of consciousness lyricism. Merging sonic tones reminiscent of Nicki, Lana and early Eminem while rocking a Harley Quinn aesthetic and attitude, INDIGO riles up our revolutionary spirits and tugs at our vulnerable heartstrings. In an age of label born and bred performers, she breaks the mould as a multi-faceted artist. 

“Basics for Breakfast” showcases yet another weapon in ERIEL’s creative arsenal. Her rapid-fire flow and eccentric swagger paired with Technicolor, show-stopping visuals, present us with an artist who demands attention in both the Hip Hop and Pop arena. What we find in INDIGO is something that listeners and critics alike crave, perhaps now more than ever; a real one – the elusive, true artist with something genuine to say, delivered in a way that we want to hear it. 

A self-proclaimed button-pusher INDIGO says that she wants to “…create music that is cross-genre in a way that breaks boundaries, not only in sound but in content. There used to be a lot more melody in the flow and gait of the true poets of Hip Hop  the way the words were said. There was this massive spectrum of each artist’s innate rhythm that danced into their spoken word. That’s how rhymes comes out of me – spontaneously – and how I think they would be born from most artists if they weren’t trained to use the same rhythm and style repeatedly. I want to pay respect to whaHip Hop was and I hope still is – the spirit and soul of revolution, an opening to say anything and everything that wants or needs to be said, from a real, raw place. True 

Hip Hop, to me, deals with important personal and cultural themes that an artist would write about in private, but might be brave enough to let the whole world read.” 

The accompanying video, written and directed by INDIGO, transports us into her wild world of “weird, old school meets new school melodic Hip Hop.” Surrounded by a vibrant ensemble of dancers, she projects a spirit of confident, feminine empowerment. The artist reflects on the song, “I think the lyrics ‘I eat basics for breakfast and bad bitches for brunch’ could be said by any woman, because we are all powerful, unique, beautiful forces in our own right. ‘Basics’ and ‘bad bitches’ are just semantic constructs of a patriarchy, afraid of powerful women; words that we get to rejoice in reclaiming and use as we see fit. 

“Basics for Breakfast” is slated to drop across all streaming platforms on February 12th, followed by three more singles leading up to the release of her forthcoming LP ‘Angels & Aliens.’ 

Listen to ‘Basics for Breakfast’ here: 

Watch the official music video here: 





Eriel Indigo is a Los Angeles-based music artist and creative activist. With elements of Hip Hop, EDM, Punk Rock, and Alt-pop all present in her musical genetics, Indigo utilizes her unique brand of audiovisual expression and immersive performance to deliver a counter-cultural voice to her audience weave the story of a personal and cultural journey from darkness into light. 

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