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The Real Mack returns to music after two-year hiatus with hard-hitting single ‘Big Lit’ 

PHILADEPHIA, PA – The number 25 has been a monumentally impactful number in the life of young Philadelphia artist The Real Mack … but not always in the most positive of ways. When he was young, his mother was murdered when she was only 25 years old. He and his brother had a rough childhood after that with a father who was incarcerated multiple times. Then when his brother was 25, he too, was murdered. It became almost too much for him to bear, and he turned away from music and any other form of artistic expression while battling demons of depression and anxiety. But as his own 25th birthday approached, he chose to look at it as a new opportunity – a chance to change the negative cycle and create something positive. 

Out of that mission came the new album “25” which is dedicated to his mother and brother, “25” explores the strange coincidences and otherworldly experiences that have come in his life and how often those things are associated with the number 25. 

“It’s kind of a scary thing for me being 25 right now,” he said. “That’s what this album is about. It’s more personal than anything I’ve ever recorded. There are some commercial songs on there but mostly, it’s very personal. I think it shows off my versatility, too. I can drop a song and it can be either the artist side of me or the raw Rap side of me. I can make a song where I’m singing and it’s completely R&B and Soul, or I can turn around and make a complete opposite song that’s Trap or Hip Hop or Club.” 

The Real Mack said he first got his start in music when a friend of his started a Rap group in 2009. Although Mack wasn’t included in that group, it motivated him to want to pursue music. He would go on to record a song called “Cam Newton” that got the attention of another Philly artist named PnB Rock, and their ensuing collaboration went on to rake in more than 1.5 million streams. It wasn’t long after that when his brother was murdered however, and Mack took a two-year hiatus from music. But now, at age 25, he’s making a return with the new album – starting with the hard-hitting debut single “Big Lit, which is now available on all streaming platforms. 

“It’s a Club record with an Up North but Down South kind of vibe,” Mack said. “I’m an Up North person but it has a Down South vibe, if you get what I mean. There’s a lot of energy, and I’m just basically talking about me being that guy. I’m being that bull, that dude, that big fish from the big six. I’m a big dog from 26th Street in South Philly, and this is the kind of song that when you’re lit, you get turnt up. It’s heavy.” 

Mack said he hopes fans will appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating the EP, and that he becomes known all around the world for being a high-quality hit maker.  

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