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Civil Warism by Gafa Gamy

The Godfather of Rap Was Born. Born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, Gafa was first introduced to the concept of resonance and the art of composition in church, of which he was a regular attendee growing up until tragedy befell him at the tender young age of twelve with his mother’s sudden passing. The loss of his best friend, nurturer, and the care-giver was unthinkable to him. The impact of this would take years to manifest itself in Gafa. His aspirations dashed as he had no choice but to forge ahead on his own, pulling his strength and new desires from deep within his soul. His father, being patriarch of the family, put a roof over the heads of Gafa and his siblings, but the streets were now his home. Gafa later became the care-giver, leaving him no choice but to educate himself as he earned a living. The promise of delivering a better life to his family was his sole objective, and accomplished that he did, as Gafa strolled through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. By nineteen Gafa had attained more
capital then he ever thought to have imagined, but his illegitimate ways couldn’t last. After years of being on top, Gafa escaped from the vicious cycle that plagued so many and sought out his destiny elsewhere, leaving behind what was sure to be a doomed existence, trapped in a cage, or six feet deep. Seeking refuge with friends, Gafa left his old life behind and reacquainted himself with the music scene, turning to the recording industry as his new means of living. His first album, Half-Holy Half Hoodlum, & was the final product of all that had been accomplished in Gafas short time on this earth thus far, but it was just the beginning. Now owning his own studio, Gafa,
known to many now as Gafa Gamy embraced his true calling as a musician, entertainer, and ultimately the care-giver and provider his family always needed. He achieved success the likes of which can’t be measured in such a short period of time. Gafa now looks to the future with devotion, hope, and a vision of prosperity for all his family and community. Truly, the world is blessed with his presence.

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The Upward Avalanche – Livin’, Pt. 1 (feat. Chantel Rey)

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 Advancing EDM Producer and DJ, Dom Richardson, AKA The Upward Avalanche releases his debut single “Livin’” Part 1 and 2 featuring Chantel Rey 

BRISTOL, TN—The Upward Avalanche’s debut single “Livin’” released July 3rd and brings a compelling and eccentric new blend of the Future and Chill House sub-genres of EDM to the scene with sheer devotion for musical creativity and influences of Martin Garrix, Oliver HeldensCamelPhat, EDX, and Deadmau5. 

Tennessee-born hybrid producer/DJ Dom Richardson worked throughout the pandemic with featured vocalist Chantel Rey, creating an exquisite synergy from different sides of the United States, having never met in person, to produce and finalize this single. Structured in a two-part release, Pt. 1 is much more mellow, featuring a Future/Chill house hybrid regarded as the original mix with Pt. 2 being more dance intuitive with Rey’s vocals — paying homage to the era of trans-eclectic backtracks synthesized with its dance-along beat and references to the counterculture EDM genre’s top club tracks. 

“Where I come from, electronic dance music isn’t really that big. I’m hoping to broaden the horizons of those around me, show them a new genre and why I enjoy it so much. Though that’s incredibly hard to do, it’s essential to remember to also teach them that no matter what it is, if you stick to what you love, it will love you back,” Richardson says regarding the typical music that mostly comes out of Tennessee. Few EDM tracks in Tennessee and the Southwest US have been met with such a warm reception and as a resident DJ of a well-known club in Bristol, TN, Richardson is doing just that. 

Due to the pandemic, there’s been a great decline of business with DJing to express his adoration and share the distinguished repute of EDM; in exchange, Richardson sticks to sharpening his production skills and continuing to work on projects for future releases, all while being generously active to his followers on social media.  

After a full year of working with Chantel Rey, finalizing this track throughout the pandemic and working tirelessly from his home studio, The Upward Avalanche will spend the next few months promoting his single heavily on social media until bars and music venues re-open.  

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Livin’, Pt. 2” (feat. Chantel Rey)” 


Foundry13 – Devil’s Lovenotes

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 England’s Foundry13 introduces new sound of Rock to the world with latest single ‘Devil’s Lovenotes 

LONDON, UK – The British Invasion is primed for a return thanks to the head-turning sound of two young brothers who have formed the band Foundry13. Much like the cultural phenomenon of the mid 1960s that brought to America the legends of such bands as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks and The Animals, among others – Foundry13 is the kind of band that can start a whole new wave of British-born musical influence. 

Over the past few years, these brothers have slowly been building a solid reputation for great music underneath a novel new sound that blends dark Pop undertones with Trap beats mixed with a distinct Rock vibe. Reminiscent of bands like Juice World or Twenty One Pilots, with touches of influence from older bands like The Clash or The Smiths, Foundry13 brings to light an impressive vibe that fans all over the world are beginning to clamor for. And though the global pandemic has been a hardship on their festival performances and plans for a tour this summer, it has also given the brothers an opportunity to dive head-first into creating new music.  

Their latest release is a single called “Devil’s Lovenotes.” Currently available across all streaming platforms, this upbeat Indie Rock song uses upbeat vibes to tell the story of a guy who wants to get back with his girlfriend, who has left him to be with someone else. The guy in the story casts the competition as the devil, and he tries to convince the girl that he can treat her better than the devil can.  This song exposes the hard and struggling times the speaker has faced with their love interest in the past, and how they believe that the “Devil” is only using their love to punish the speaker. The song also brings more light to depression and mental health issues and how people can deal with them and let go of their worries as a whole. 

“We’re constantly evolving our sound while retaining a distinct style by mixing and matching elements from Indie Pop,” said Joshua, the younger of the brothers and the lead singer. “We’re trying to produce a generation-defining sound. 

The band has already garnered ample industry attention through their previously released singles with many of those tracks often cruising the BBC Introducing airwaves. Having already played a number of high profile shows and venues – such as the O2 Islington, the band was also set  to play large venues such as” the Great Escape Music Festival, and the Thames Music Festival – the band is currently enjoying an extensive growth in fanbase. That’s set to explode even more as a wider international audience begins to discover their soft, chilled vocals and catchy melodies. That quality musicianship combined with their “flower power emo” style, as James calls it, is sure to set them on the international stage in big ways.  

“We want to share our music with the world and let people understand what they’re going through doesn’t have to be alone,” James said. “We want to address topics that people sometimes find uncomfortable – like anxiety or mental illness or depression – and showing them that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what our music is ultimately about: helping people get through their lives in a safe and better way.” 

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Big Foldjaz – Open Wide

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Big Foldjaz blends influences from Chicago, Atlanta and Texas into original new sound 

HOUSTON, TX – Houston-based rapper Big Foldjaz is a divine blend of bars and drip, which he puts on full display with his two latest singles “Open Wide” and “Kill Us Again.” These songs are perfect for the kind of brand he’s trying to create – what he calls DripDeck, which stands for Dedicated Respected Independent Presidents.  

Born and raised in Chicago while also spending much of his early 20s in Atlanta, this now Texas-based rapper blends multiple musical influences to create a truly one-of-a-kind sound. He takes the energy of each of the cities in which he’s lived and melds them together into something truly original. 

“I’m the best part of waking up,” he said, nodding to his stage name. “I’ve got the kind of Twista vibe and energy of Chicago rappers, and I have a lot of the Atlanta swag and finesse with my flow, and living in Houston gives me a lot of soul. Add that to the fact that I write music that’s appealing with deep lyrics, and you get a whole different energy than anything else out there right now. I’m a good blend of all those things with style and catchy hooks and real lyrics. I grind like coffee beans.” 

With “Open Wide,” Big Foldjaz takes a comical approach to waving goodbye to past wrongs. With a sarcastic wink and explicit lyrics, Big Foldjaz dedicates the song to his probation officer while at the same time creating an energetic anthem that listeners can use as a chant for situations in their own life in which they want to tell someone to “suck my dick.”  

“It’s about somebody who doesn’t give a fuck,” he said. “It’s about being a rebel, but in a funny and comical way. The video will be funny, as well.” 

“Kill Us Again” on the other hand, is more of a current hit that touches on the continuous racial inequalities that have been brought to light again in the wake of the George Floyd killing. He said it’s a song that will remind people of Tupac with its raw energy and a message that cuts to the core while being necessary for today’s society.  

At the end of the day, that’s the kind of music Big Foldjaz wants to be known for – the kind of music that connects with people in deep ways and says something that makes them come back for more. 

“I’m trying to touch the crowd,” he said. “I’m making real rock star shit and I’m trying to push my sound to different audiences. One of the audiences I’m trying to hit right now is that crowd of aggressive skateboarders. I’m trying to push my sound to that skater crowd because I think these songs fit that group. But that’s just one kind of music I create. I’m always talking some gangster shit, too. I’m gangsta, I’m a player … I’m a little bit of everything.” 

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“Kill Us Again” 


MyFolk – Ball Don’t Lie

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South Georgia Hip Hop group MyFolk drops hot new track ‘Ball Don’t Lie’ 

SOUTH GEORGIA – Almost every basketball player who has ever played the sport knows that if you do something inappropriate on the court, Karma dictates that you’re not likely to make very many shots. The “Ball Don’t Lie,” as the saying goes, is both the sentiment and the title of a new single from Southern Georgia Hip Hop trio MyFolk. 

Currently available across all streaming platforms, “Ball Don’t Lie” is a mid-tempo swaggy song that uses basketball metaphors to illustrate the life experiences that sometimes lead to difficult situations. It’s a song about bad choices and the consequences that come thereafter but done in such a way that it perfectly showcases the unique sound and style of this fast-rising group from the South. 

MyFolk is a tight-knit trio made up of cousins Marc Ross and Kleif Bussey, who go by the stage names Candyman and KalicoThe third member of the group is Kalico’s best friend Demetrius AKA FieldBoi. The group has been refining its sound and expanding its reach for more than a decade, releasing three mixtapes and taking over the underground scene. Their releases of “The Resume,” “2 For Da Money” and “NFL (No Fat Lady)” have reached national acclaim thanks to their groundbreaking hard-hitting rhymes, heavy beats and dynamic shifting flow. 

“Our lyrics are what really sets us apart,” Kalico said. “Everybody else in Hip Hop seems to be picking up the same vibe and lingo, but we got our own lingo. We always have. And it keeps evolving. That’s what we want our music to be known for, that originality. We got multiple sounds and avenues. We never follow one sound and we can write and make music about any subject or any genre. We just try to be limitless. If you put on a beat, we can make anything.” 

That ability to make such high-quality music has brought them to the attention of music insiders, and in recent years, the group has been able to perform at such high-profile clubs as Throwbacks and Club Crucial in Atlanta, Club Rozay, Fountain Inn, and The Martin Twin Theatre in Douglas, Georgia, just to name a few.  

Now with the release of “Ball Don’t Lie,” the group is excited to show their fanbase a visceral and impressive illustration of their new sound. Kalico said it’s a song that should be essential for every Hip Hop fan.  

“When you’re in the South, people are always using the term ‘MyFolk’ to refer to their group of people,” Kalico said. “When we make music, we always say ‘Hit ‘em in the mouth, Folk!’ because we know our music is gonna make an impact. That’s what this song will do. People are gonna really dig it.” 

In addition to “Ball Don’t Lie,” MyFolk is preparing to drop a six-song EP called “200 Proof” later this year.  

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Layn – d.t.r.

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Sultry voiced artist Layn drops sexy new EP ‘After Midnight’ 

ATLANTA, GA – Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for most people in the world over the past year, but up-and-coming Atlanta-based artist Layn has seen more changes than most other people.  

The former Navy helicopter technician finished her service last year and in the time since has moved twice, ended a toxic relationship, gotten married, had multiple jobs and is expecting her first child. And in the middle of all that, she put together a five-track EP that so perfectly showcases her sultry smooth vocals that already people in the industry are turning their heads and it hasn’t even been released yet. Slated to drop across all streaming platforms on July 16, “After Midnight” is the perfect kind of chill vibe to pair with the exploration of all the crazy that has happened in the world over the past year – told through the lens of her own personal up-and-down experiences.  

“My life turned around a lot last year – like a lot of other people – and a lot of crazy and important things happened,” she said. “This project is a nod to that place when you’re up past midnight because your brain won’t shut off and you’re just lying there thinking about what’s going on. I’ve been through a lot of things in my life, and I want to be relatable to people of all ages and demographics who have also been through tough situations. Hopefullymy music will help them to know they’re not alone. Music is a release for me, and I would want anyone who hears what I do to feel that same type of way.” 

Layn said the five tracks on the EP take listeners on a journey that goes in chronological order of her own experiences. It starts with the single “Lullaby,” which immediately shows off her rich R&B and soulful voice as she laments the loss of a long-time boyfriend while reconnecting with an old friend who could become more. She calls it her “last goodbye and coming back home” song.  

That’s followed by “Always U” which further explores the budding relationship with the old friend and the surprise she has at recognizing stronger feelings she’d been repressing for a long time. The slower, laid-back vibe of the song pairs perfectly with her sultry voice in ways that evoke the sexiness of a budding romantic relationship. As she comes to realize how she feels for this man, listeners can put themselves in her shoes and remember their own love stories. 

“Worst Way” is the third song on the EP and brings an appropriate level of energy as Layn infuses elements of Pop alongside the Hip Hop rhythms. Inspired by an argument she had with her former boyfriend, the energy of the song is bouncy and will invite anyone listening to get up and move. Then comes “D.T.R.” which uses a quasi-Reggae/Latin beat to bring the journey to the tipping point of Layn’s new relationship. Featuring her now husband Don as a rapper on the track, the song’s swag illustrates the sheer joy of finally discovering that perfect person in your life…  The beat was provided by “Philly P on Tha Trackk 

“I’m happy now,” she said. “Things are going really well. This guy who sat behind me in class in high school and gave me a note asking if I wanted his number is now my husband, even though we had moved on from each other and both moved around for the past eight years. The joy of finding each other again and knowing that this person – who has always been there through everything and always stayed connected with me – is the one person that I know will always be Down To Ride.” 

The final song on “After Midnight” is called “Free” and it brings listeners back to her sultry soulful sound with a fusion of her unique blend of R&B and Pop. Her journey has brought her to a place where she can finally feel free to be herself, and this song – which showcases her ability as a freestyle rapper – perfectly illustrates that. Her sultry voice intertwines perfectly with her aggressive rapid-fire flow in ways that will make listeners hit repeat time and time again. 

To listen to Layn’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit: http://www.instagram.com/foreverlayn

“After Midnight” – EP 


AJ From The 9 – Dead Presidents ft Young Ceno

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AJ From The 9 Enlists Young Ceno On His Latest Effort “Dead Presidents”

Southern California artist AJ From The 9 is back to drop heat for the Summer with his new single “Dead Presidents” Feat. Young Ceno & produced by AC3Beats. With a West Coast party vibe, this new banger is guaranteed to set off the 4th of July weekend!

AJ From The 9 is currently cooking up a new project and has new singles to drop throughout the year, with Dead Presidents as the first offering.

Stay up-to-date and follow him on all social media @ajfromthe909

Social media info:
Instagram: @AJfromthe909
Twitter: @AJfromthe909
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ajfromthe909

OsoKing Mezzy – Gasssin

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OsoKing Mezzy Keeps Sum Heat On Deck For The Smokers Burn One To “Gasssin” 

OsoKing Mezzy aka Osogasey is an american rapper and songwriter who is buzzing from his most popular songs like Gasssin, Swing My Doe, Exotic 93, and more. You can find him on spotify under Osoking Mezzy. He has released over 100 songs since his 2019 debut.

Stream “Gassin'” below and follow OsoKing Mezzy on his social media and music accounts!

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Ig: @Osogasey
FB: @Osoking Mezzy
Twitter: @Osokingmezzy

BandupSMG – On My Mind

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BandupSMG, with his unorthodox style and cocky delivery was born and raised in Chicago, IL. His ability to create catchy hooks, and a superb collection of flows, with the ability to bring real life experiences into his music, makes him potentially the next to blow. His style of cocky adlibs, diverse tracks, and real life experience makes him a tough act to follow.

Although his life is no act, he prides himself for being known for expressing true stories through his lyrics that anyone can relate to. His creativity and flow that can attract anyone makes him a great choice to perform for diverse crowds.

Bandup is ready for the industry, but is the industry ready for what he has to offer them? Good music, strong lyrics, true stories, and 100% dedication to being the best artist possible. Click here to stream this on all DSP’s!

To contact Bandup SMG for collabs or booking, email smgllcmidwest@gmail.com

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Instagram: @Bandupsmg

Key$oul – Hop Out The Benz

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Key$oul Releases A New Single “Hop Out The Benz” on ALL Digital Streaming Platforms!

Keiontae Alexander better known as Key$oul is a 25 year hip-hop artist out of Benton Harbor Michigan. Honesty is the name of the game for Key$oul, no smoke and mirrors, $oul wants you to see the pain, the struggle and ultimately the reward that comes from grinding in life. Influenced by the hip-hop and R&B since his inception, it’s like destiny wanted $oul to begin creating his own art. In 2016, with the Internet in full swing and artists, both mainstream and independent seeing success, $oul wanted to throw his hat in the ring. However unlike some who jump into industry, Key$oul was more than ready and in fact excited about the work ahead.

Our Michigan hero spent the following years in the background, working, learning, grinding in an attempt to make it out. $oul says “I constantly focused on improving. I was at the studio, rain, sleet, or snow.” The hard work would pay off as Key$oul has two singles well over 22K plays with his “Wow Freestyle” closing in on 50K plays and this is just on Spotify alone. The hard work behind the scenes is also what led to “Vibe With Me” a collaboration $oul did with Florida R&B singer Della Cruse. Key$oul wants listeners to walk away motivated and with the confidence that they can “accomplish anything” whether you’re starting from the bottom or starting over $oul believes you can make it to the top.

Music Links
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/60zzP2VoePpny9VSb4t7Qi?si=mrcWuyPKT6q6vAqobGy0ng
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/keysoul/keysoul-hop-out-the-benz
YouTube: https://youtu.be/XZAg1j_dklE

Social media info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keiontae.alexander
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialKeySoul
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialkeysoul/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/16kalexander