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Rising East Coast artist, MOH Hood draws on deep Hip Hop roots to deliver explosive new EP, “Talk Money”

ORLANDO, FL – Fiery and dynamic songwriter, MOH Hood has Hip Hop in his blood. We all adapt to our surroundings and Hip Hop is the surroundings for MOH Hood. Decades in this game, Hood has been studying all the Hip Hop greats from when they were unknown and underground to after they broke big. “Hip Hop was the fruit of what we all built most of our fashion, to how we spoke to each other, to how we look to each other, to how we shook each other’s hands,” Hood said. “Everything had something to do with Hip Hop.” Prepped and ready to roll, Hood is bringing his expertise, new energy and aggressive sound to the world with the release of his EP, “Talk Money.”

Originally laying down 20 tracks for a bigger mixtape, Hood and his team chose to release the seven-song EP earlier this month as a taste of what is to come. Recorded at Mr. Wes’ CTC Studios in Orlando, Florida, the diverse collection boasts a highly professional sound with clean, crisp vocals. Hood uses sturdy beats and a smooth cadence that any listeners can vibe to. The “Talk Money” EP can be heard on all major digital platforms.

The entire EP is an introduction, but Hood also released a song called “Me” specifically designed to introduce his MOH Hood persona. “It was me, finally understanding it’s on me to do it,” Hood said. “It’s always been me that did it. Nobody’s gonna come out unless I do it, and I’m introducing myself. This is who I am.”

Born Trevor Mays and originally from Newburgh, New York, Hood was in and out of jail from his late teens. After his last incarceration, this high spirited workhorse spearheaded his family’s initiation into entertainment. The family collective, known by the moniker Mili OnHustle, is the platform that the blood relatives stand on, and they have the formula and nucleus to make projects worth talking about. 

A newly mastered track, “I Gave Everything” features one of the family artists from his crew. “It’s a really good song! The chorus is heartfelt,” Hood said. “It’s telling my family if I don’t make it back home, I gave everything.” As a man who is ride-or-die loyal, Hood is riding for Mili OnHustle and the babies who come behind them, and the song emotionally conveys who is going to be next if he doesn’t survive the journey. “I Gave Everything” will be dropped as part of the hype for Hood’s next big project, “Talk Money 2.” Recently remastered, this full length album will have at least twelve tracks which are destined to attract more attention.

Hood works closely with his business partner, MOH Mili, who he described as his “twin born different-years counterpart.” MOH Mili, the brand owner of Mili OnHustle, is tasked with spreading the word about the team’s mission “instead of being the bully he was known as,” Hood said. Mili and Hood have teamed up to build Mili OnHustle into an official label, and Hood is already working with emerging new artists in the studio. As the front line warrior for the MOH team, Hood is “like the uncle we gotta listen to because he gon’ give it to you like nobody else” as he put it. Hood’s team is ready and willing to bet on him because he’s taking his family along with him.

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D’Antré – Deep Sea

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Multigenre sensation, D’Antré delves into carnal activities with wicked new single “Deep Sea”

LOS ANGELES, CA – A prolific and driven musician, D’Antré’s music style is a blend of Trap and Pop mixed with R&B, combined with lyrics about a mixed range of themes. Always full of surprises, he switches from talking about love affairs and heartbreak to more X-rated topics. In the same vein as his popular stripper-themed track, “Got the Juice,” D’Antré just dropped his new single, “Deep Sea.”

Recorded in Redondo Beach, CA, “Deep Sea” is about sexual encounters. For this new Hip Hop release, D’Antré said “I made a different song from talking about love. I don’t just talk about love. I talk about what everyone thinks about. People are always thinking about sex and stuff like that.” Working with a friend, D’Antré made a TikTok skit with his song playing in the background. After the skit amassed a ton of views, the artist decided to release the song as a single for more exposure. Sporting an uptempo groove that you can dance to, “Deep Sea” is destined to kick off a new dance challenge craze with everyone recording themselves dancing to the song.

D’Antré maintains a large catalog of music and loves being in the studio every day. The artist is constantly motivated to put out new tracks, so things happen fast with him. “Deep Sea” comes hot on the heels of the first two songs he released earlier this year – “Fly Wit Me” (which racked up over 250,000 streams in its first 10 days) and “Queen of the Summer.”

His wildly popular 12 song mixtape, “Escape the Ordinary” came out in the middle of last year as an introduction to his voice and unique musical style. Recorded in Washington D.C., the Hip Hop/R&B collection takes its title from his favorite slogan. “That’s my motto. I use “escape the ordinary” for everything,” D’Antré said. “I think everybody should escape the ordinary and do what they want to do.”

D’Antré comes from a musically inclined family and has been involved with music all of his life. He often traveled to LA from Washington D.C. where he is originally from with his DJ father. He remembers deciding to get into music after meeting Bobby Brown and Alicia Keys at the BET Awards. He also had a cousin who made beats, and D’Antré started singing over some beats he created himself. Listeners are naturally drawn to his unusual sound, and once he started adding his music to his skits, his popularity really took off. Increased exposure to industry personnel like meeting Stevie Wonder, Berry Gordie, Tank and Quality Control during a trip to Motown fuelled D’Antré’s interest in building his career. When D’Antré has a vision, he stops at nothing to make sure that vision comes true, and he keeps in close contact with A&R reps and producers who are always interested in what he is up to.

There is much more to look forward to from this ambitious musician. D’Antré plans to bring out a new mixtape, “Crazy Love” around the middle of May. The R&B/Pop love song collection will contain about 8 songs including “Fly Wit Me,” “Queen of Summer” and a song he’s working on right now called “Boomerang.” “Crazy Love” will be followed by another Hip Hop collection within 2 months. The diversity of his musical offerings makes it impossible to put D’Antré in a rigid box. “That’s how I am. I’ll do some R&B, and the next thing you know, I’ll be doing some Hip Hop / Pop type of stuff. That’s how it changes up.”

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“Deep Sea”

C.O.A. – 1:44

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Young rapper from Puerto Rico drops inspired debut EP ‘Seven’

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – Many of the world’s most notorious artists have stories of how a lightning strike of inspiration led to a hit song being written in little to no time. Young singer/songwriter Stephano Cervantes – artistically known as Coa – is one of the few talented artists in the world who can testify to such a career-changing moment. While spending seven days in Miami, Florida over the New Year’s holiday, he found himself in the midst of one of those lightning strikes of inspiration. The end result is a seven-song EP appropriately titled, “Seven,” currently available across all streaming platforms.

The project blends influences from his home of Puerto Rico with twists on modern sounds found across all sub-genres of Hip Hop – from Hard Rap to Melodic Rap to Bubblegum Rap to Rock and more. Coa is an artist who shows versatility and whose lyrics touch on a diverse range of topics to which almost anyone from any walk of life can relate. Specifically with this EP, Coa said he’s sharing with the world some of his life experiences and goals for the future, while also touching on personal topics that he knows will connect with many listeners around the world.

I want people to enjoy my music and to be able to relate to what I say in my tracks,” he said “I want them to find something of value in my music. If people listening to my music are inspired to affect others positively or are inspired to perform their very own craft – say paint, meditate, compose or even as simple as doing exercises and keep themselves healthy – then my goal would be completed. More than anything, I want to make music that creates a connection and inspires passion. Music has always made me feel a certain way. I feel emotionally attached to it. I believe that there is a power within music that can move people … move the masses. Therefore, I want my music to infect these masses with goodwill and have those masses spread that positivity. It’s an idea I fell in love with since I experienced it through music myself. I fell in love with it because I’ve been moved and inspired by the artists that I respect and admire. Thus, I want to spend the rest of my life making it happen.”

“Seven” is Coa’s first foray into that endeavor. The project opens with an intro skit called “Flip Phone” that is intended to put the listener in Coa’s shoes. A friend calls and wakes him up and invites him to go skateboarding. The rest of the EP should take listeners through the day in the life of a skateboarder and musician, capped with some ear candy via a poem at the end with the outro “Mind Dessert.” The five tracks in the middle take listeners on a ride from Melodic Rap to Rock Rap and everything in between.

The first is “VHS,” the debut single from the project and the one that is getting the most attention to date. It literally describes Coa’s life as a skateboarder and musician, and explores what it takes to keep that balance between his two loves. That’s followed by “Appetite for Destruction,” a song in which Coa takes on an evil alter ego and reaches into a darker part of his mind in ways that bring some grungy, aggressive vibes to the track. The third single is “City Lights,” a groovy, more laid-back track inspired by Coa’s love of Anime. The song samples Coa’s favorite Anime show, “Naruto.” Fourth on the EP is the song “1:44,” which Coa said is his personal favorite. It’s more of a Rock/Rap vibe with vocals that are reminiscent of Kurt Cobain. The song also features an electric guitar solo toward the end. And finally there’s “Give Back,” a Lo-Fi which Coa said is important in that it highlights his desire to inspire others to give back to their communities. 

“I really wanted an EP with a message that people can take and apply immediately,” he said. “If this music thing goes well for me and I’m ever in a position of having a lot of capital, I should always be humble and give back to the people no matter what. I never want to let myself be drawn into greed or selfishness. That’s what this song is about.”

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Instruments of Musick – Moving Forward

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Instruments of Musick drop perfect single to help people deal with current world affairs

DETROIT, MI – If ever there was a time for a song that helps people through difficult times, now is that time. And brothers Garvin and Gary “Fatman” McKinney have the perfect song. 

The duo performs under the name Instruments of Musick, and their new single “Moving Forward” not only showcases their one-of-a-kind sound and style but also offers a message of hope and inspiration for a world weary from the after effects of a global pandemic.

“It’s a song I wrote about two years ago after me and my family was going through a difficult situation,” Garvin said. “It took us a while to get back on our feet, and that’s what this song is about – pushing through adversities. Don’t let things get you down. It’s an encouragement type of song with a mid-tempo chill, laid-back vibe that is perfect for what’s happening in the world today.”

Operating out of Detroit, Instruments of Musick had been on the scene for a number of years, carving out a niche with their unique blend of inspirational music driven by the pedal steel guitar which is a 10 string instrument played in country western by Fatman. Raised in the church, the brothers joined their mother in playing and singing during weekly worship services. Over the years, their Gospel music evolved to include more universal messages that bring positivity to the world.

“We have a unique sound, especially with the steel guitar,” Garvin said. “That style combined with the way my songwriting goes is something that I don’t really hear in today’s music. There’s not really anything like it, and it’s definitely different than what I hear on the radio these days. Our music is just different – it’s positive and you can’t put it in a box.”

That versatility will be put on further display with Instruments of Musick’s new album which is slated for release later this year. Garvin said it’s an album that will have songs exploring a wide range of emotions and experiences – from depression to dance-inducing fun times. And more than anything, it will feature a lot of instrumentals from the brothers. 

 “The songs on that album are meant to offer listeners positivity and hope and looking to the future. We want to bring that positivity in everything we do. We’re just trying to lift people up. And we’re hoping that with this album we can take things to the next level,” Garvin said.

“Moving Forward” is slated to release across multiple streaming platforms on April 30, with the full album to follow later in the year. 

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Adocea – Alright

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Eclectic British songwriter taps into Jamaican heritage with new single ‘Alright’

LONDON, ENGLAND – In certain parts of Jamaica, it’s not uncommon to find individuals with names that nod to the rich history of the country. Adocea is one such name. But for the London-based musician Adocea, the name isn’t merely a nod to her Jamaican heritage. It’s also a way of honoring her mother whose middle name is Adocea. 

“My mom is my reason for everything,” she said. “Everyone needs to have a reason for their journey and she’s that for me. She was born into a large family in Jamaica and came to England. My father treated her badly and he wasn’t there for most of my life, so she and I became very close. She’s very selfless – always trying to help other people and willing to give them the shirt off her back. But life was hard on her, and I want to celebrate her.”

Adocea is an exciting new artist who, after many years of songwriting and setbacks, has finally decided to showcase her music with the world. Her newest single, “Alright,” taps into her Jamaican heritage and fuses those sounds of the Caribbean with the various odd other influences she adopted from a youth filled with eclectic tastes. The song is about not playing games and not wanting to argue with a significant other – essentially letting go of whatever it is that’s bothering you and saying, “It’s alright.” 

“I grew up in a musically eclectic household and this song is kind of a culmination of that,” Adocea said. “My mom would play reggae and dance hall music all the time. She also listened to a lot of country. My brothers were into rap – one was a Biggie fan and the other was into Tupac. My other sister was into R&B. So I had so many different influences growing up that sort of shaped who I am as an artist. When I was 15, I went from writing a lot of poetry into songwriting, but I never really had a desire to be on stage. I had a few setbacks with my music and I eventually thought to just try one more time because life is short. So I’m putting my music out there to see how it will be received.”

Adocea said the single blends her Jamaican roots with a dance hall vibe underneath a reggae beat that feels distinctly “English.” And like all of her music, “Alright” is lyrically cleaner and less vulgar than most music out there today. She said she makes a point of writing songs that are clean not only because she feels like it will cater to a wider audience but also because she wants her music to be something that can inspire younger generations to make positive change in the world. 

“In Jamaica today, there is so much potential for the future. But the lyrics of so much of our music is no good for the youth of that nation,” Adocea said. “I want to be someone who creates change. I want people to listen to my music and have fun without having to listen to anything vulgar.”

In addition to “Alright,” Adocea’s hard at work on an EP that she hopes to release sometime in the next few months. She’s also planning on a video for “Alright” and is eager to connect with new fans on social media.

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Mar – Dont Wanna Know

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Louisiana Rapper “Mar” delivers real and relevant music that arouses feelings

OPELOUSAS, LA – “Mar” (born Jamar Richard) is a hot young artist from Louisiana. The talented rapper’s musical style touches on many different genres, while his lyrical flow showcases his versatility. Dubbed “King of that Raw” by a mentor over three years ago, Mar proves his worthiness with each creation. “Every time I write a song or make something, I want to make sure that name fits me. I don’t want to drop anything that’s not nice. I make sure people hear it and say “That’s RAW!”, Mar said.

This authentic rapper is keeping it real, using music as therapy to let out all of his feelings and emotions. Listeners feel the full effect of his emotions in his songs, such as “Don’t Wanna Know” and “No Friends.”

Recorded in Dream Studios in Lafayette, LA in 2018, Mar shot the music video for “Don’t Wanna Know” in Opelousas last year. It has a chill groove that you can lay back and vibe to. Talking about being in a relationship, experiencing the pain of being heartbroken, and having friends you need to back away from, the song expresses the attitude that “If it’s going to hurt me, I don’t wanna know.”

Mar’s song, “No Friends” is a turn up song that touches the listener. Hearing the difference from song to song, listeners will still feel the emotions through each track. “I want you to feel every line, not just one,” Mar said. “I want you to feel every word I say.”

Versatile and unpredictable, every song from Mar is a unique creation. Using carefully selected beats and powerfully written lyrics inspired by people around him, Mar promises that “every song I drop will be different from the last.” The artist continued “people are gonna feel this. They’re gonna like this. I know what people like so I gotta give them what they want.” Mar’s new and older music is available across all the major digital platforms.

Even though he is only 21 years old, Mar has been making music for about ten years now. When he was young, he realized that he had a gift which he wasn’t using. Getting into music for the first time at 12 years old, he recorded his first song when he was around 18. Once he experienced working in a professional studio for the first time at 19, he never looked back. Mar got seriously involved in music three years ago. His diverse taste leads him to listen to music from several eras in many genres, but artists who inspired him to reach his full potential would include Tupac, Big L and Big Daddy Kane.

Mar has previously released several mixtapes and singles, and work has begun on his official debut album. With all his beats ready to go, Mar will likely drop the 10 to 12 track project, “If You Laughed At My Failures, Laugh At My Success” later this year.

He might have been taking it slow a few years ago, but now Mar is ready to chase his dreams at full speed. Music listeners will witness this determined young man’s continued development into the next big thing! “Once I get in the door, ain’t nobody kicking me out!”

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“No Friends”

Admiral – Surgical Barz ft Tragedy Khadafi

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Admiral Returns To The Front Lines With His New Street Heater “surgical Barz” Ft Tragedy Khadafi

Glory Ave Entertainment frontman Admiral begins the campaign to his New album “Honor & Will” with a Lyrical haymaker entitled “Surgical Barz” featuring the legendary Queensbridge architect Tragedy Khadafi. On the record the two get right to business trading bars over a gritty track from Rising producer Boger with NY’s DJ Instynctz providing sharp incision like cuts to put the finishing touches on this heater. check it out Stream on Spotify

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Mr.Charlie – Charlie Blues

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Hip Hop veteran Mr. Charlie drops penultimate album ‘Carol City’s Finest’

MIAMI, FL – Platinum songwriter and producer Mr. Charlie is set to show the world more of his standout sound with a new album called “Carol City’s Finest.” 

According to Mr. Charlie, the album is a mixed bag of everything fans have come to love and expect from him over the years. There’s a little bit of dance music, some slow songs, some jazzy songs, some cerebral songs, and a mashup of different genres that blends into something that is signature Mr. Charlie.

“I’m a versatile artist who likes to party and have fun and be charismatic,” Mr. Charlie said. “This album is a reflection of that. It goes different directions. It’s fun but it can also get serious, or even gangsta when it needs to be. But most of the time, it’s fun and chill.”

Operating out of Miami, Florida, Mr. Charlie has been known for years as one of the music industry’s best kept secrets. His catchy hooks and smooth charismatic style blends with a dash of humor in a way that fans have loved for years. In the early 90s, he got his start as a member of the kid group “Young & Restless.” Their billboard charts “Poison Ivy” and “B-Girls” were mainstays on the radio. As he grew older, he invested his money into production and later started producing and writing for major artists and labels, such as Atlantic Records, Slip N Slide Records, Trick Daddy, Trina and his neighborhood friend Rick Ross. He also had the opportunity to tour with Tupac and worked closely with the legendary rapper on some songs. 

Mr. Charlie later signed to Laface Records under the name Da Real One during which time he made another hit record called “U Like Piña Colada.” His song “Let’s Touch” was featured on the soundtrack for the film “21 & Over” starring Miles Teller and written/directed by Jon Lucas, who also wrote “The Hangover” films. That single was only ever released in conjunction with the soundtrack, and Mr. Charlie is bringing it back in 2020 as a way to also bring attention to his new album.

In addition, his debut single from the album, “Charlie Blues” will showcase the originality that he’s bringing with the new project. He calls the song a “reflection of my life from the time I got started in music up to now.”

“It goes in depth with females and relationships I’ve had in the past,” he said. “I’m taking the blame for hurting them, and I talk about some other things I did to hurt people. It really talks about things I’ve been through in my life – like getting shot and being blessed to still be alive. In some ways, I’m thanking God for a second chance and the blessing to still be alive and to do what I love. As far as the sound, it’s a song where I’m basically singing the blues in a rap form. It’s a track that puts you in a blues mindset, so when you’re listening to it, you start to reflect on your life. People will relate to it because pain is universal and this is definitely more of a pain song. Everybody has been through some form of pain.”

“Charlie Blues” is currently available across all streaming platforms, with “Carol City’s Finest” soon to follow. 

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Snapchat: @mr.charlie305

TikTok: @mr.charlie305

“Charlie Blues”

Dj Prosperity – Tap In

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Seasoned musician, DJ Prosperity collaborates with Kdot to bring out a fresh new style of music

HOUSTON, TX – Singer, songwriter and producer Morgan Moore (also known by her professional name, DJ Prosperity) delivers an amazing fusion of various instrumental sounds, groovy rhythms and an overall chill vibe. With over 20 years of experience in instrumentation, Prosperity has developed a great ear for selecting melodic sounds and instruments for musical compositions. Her uncommon music style derives influences from Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz and Pop.

Keithan Randall (professionally known as Kdot), also from Houston, is a musician, artist and entrepreneur. Prosperity and Kdot, who have known each other since their High School marching band days, combine their musical mastery on their first project together, an album titled “VII.” Recorded at Pyrex Mafia Muzik in Houston, the very up-tempo, instrumental album came out on all major digital platforms earlier this year. Showcasing an upbeat and full sound, the album’s tracks are highly melodic with a deeply live feel. The debut single, “Tap In” is an alluring track with complex instrumentation. Kdot added “I was really inspired by Morgan. She played more of a major role on the instrumentation for that song.”

The “VII” album, originally intended to contain ten tracks, takes its name from the number of songs which made it to the final product. Prosperity had submitted “Tap In” for performances during an NBA game. Pressed to make the deadline for submission, Kdot ended up getting seven tracks completed before losing access to the studio. 

As a child, Prosperity always had an interest in music. At nine years old, she performed in a talent show by singing songs of artists such as Whitney Houston. She was highly inspired by Whitney, Toni Braxton, Donell Jones, Kdot, and J Cole, along with other artists such as Franky Beverly, Jill Scott, Donell Jones, and Jagged Edge over the years. She joined the school band and played saxophone all the way through High School. Afterwards, she took up the keyboards and began playing and recording music. “That’s how I was able to get my sound,” Prosperity said, “by practicing all the time.” Her musical background and extensive music expertise helps Prosperity create music with a completely unique feel.

More exciting collaborative work is on the horizon for Kdot and DJ Prosperity. She will be working with Kdot on the revamping and re-release of music from his 2019 album, “Midtown Main.” As the project manager for the upcoming label, Rich Records Worldwide, Kdot also has access to several R&B artists. To meet the increased demand for low-fi 90s sounds and R&B releases, Kdot plans to work with Prosperity on some slower, more down beat music with an R&B flavor. Rich Records is helping Houston’s indie artist community by providing a long list of services, including social media marketing, music production classes, videography and more.

With disruptions to the live music industry from COVID-19, DJ Prosperity can focus her energy on creating amazing and uplifting music. “I want to convey a message of positivity, love and togetherness, which are needed in the world today,” said Prosperity.

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“VII” (Album) by DJ Prosperity x Kdot

#NewMusic Lyrical Union – Lady

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Lyrical Union Take You On A Soulful Journey With Their Latest Release “Lady”

Young Noah Da Champ and Rhymefluid Tha Bar King from Lyrical Union, 2 Lyricists with a passion and love for Hip-Hop. Both met in 1997 at Challenger Middle School’s Recreation Program in Glendale, Arizona and became best friends sharing the same love for Hip-Hop and Rap Music. Champ and Flu came up in a Hip-Hop era at a time when Gangsta Rap was on the rise and mourned the deaths of 2pac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

Champ and Flu’s musical interests were both Eastcoast and Westcoast music, being that Champ was from West Los Angeles, California and Rhymefluid from Baltimore, Maryland but grew up in Glendale, AZ. When the 2 came together in Independence High School in 2001 also in Glendale, they would both write rhymes together during class after finishing their work, and freestyle when they had free time at school. Both participated in group battles against other groups before and after school proving their lyrical skills and dominating the campus demanding respect. Musical interests at the time were Nas, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Canibus, DMX, The Lox, Mobb Deep (whom they wrote alot of raps to)Memphis Bleek, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eminem, Xzibit, Ja Rule, Master P, Kool G. Rap, KRS-One, and Common.

Being that these were rookies and legends of their time, they had respect for the old schoolers that came before them, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Run-DMC, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, and they learned about these rappers and MC’s from the Hip-Hop Biographies shown on MTV and BET. Da Champ and Rhymefluid wanted to grow up and be legends like these artist who helped build Hip-Hop and still to this day they feel the legends are the reason why Hip-Hop is on a much bigger scale than it was back then. Noah Da Champ graduated from High School in 2003 and Rhymefluid Tha Barking graduated in 2004, and coming up in that time, Hip-Hop was making a dramatic change, With G-Unit, Rocafella Records and Dipset making street bangers, Hip-Hop turned to sex, lust and glorifying of money which they were not down with. Champ and Flu hated any rap song that had punchlines such as “pop that booty, twerk it down to the floor” and so on. To them this was not real Hip-Hop, but they listened to alot of G-Unit, D-Block and Dipset mixtapes to help warm up their skills before getting in the studio.

Before Rhymefluid graduated high school, he recruited 3 other members into Lyrical Union, Kay-on, Kahlee, T-Suede and Vice Mob. Champ met up with them after school to record street hits in Kay-on’s home studio. The group recorded an album called Always Standing Tall, which consisted of 20 tracks produced by Kay-On, After Kay-On and Kahlee graduated, everyone remained best friends but the group disbanded except for Rhymefluid Tha Bar King and Young Noah Da Champ who continued to record tracks with each other. Young Noah Da Champ started to record a solo album called Rhyme Technician in 2004 which Rhymefluid can be heard on a number of tracks such as Total Knockout, Bringin’ It Back, Movin’ It Out and The MLK Joint (which was dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

Their best friend Alex also known as Talented Alex joined on with the group later to record their #1 smash hit Sixty Times. Champ was looking to market and promote these hits but Noah didn’t have the connections wanted to skyrocket the album and Noah became depressed. His friends wanted to move forward and do more music and Noah seemed to hold onto Rhyme Technician. Then life happened, in 2007 Champ and Flu was facing life struggles with jobs, money and careless women who wanted to take advantage of Champ and Flu. But in 2010 Da Champ got back into the studio and recorded a mixtape called Ladies Only which also features Talented Alex and Rhyme Fluid on remix tracks such as, Sexy Lady, All I Want Is You, Change It All and Good Love Music. Around that time, the mixtape game was changing where most mixtapes were “free” and not sold. In 2013 Young Noah Da Champ prepared Mr. Nice Guy EP which features Rhymefluid Tha Bar King and Talented Alex on a revamped version of Sixty Times which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify. Rhymefluid Tha Bar King also managed to be involved in many local rap battles including Battles At The Bridge in Phoenix, AZ.

In 2015 when Da Champ prepared the Re-Release of Mr. Nice Guy, Champ wanted to include more tracks with him and Rhymefluid Tha Bar King, but then, Flu ended up facing jail time for abandoned probation, which left Noah Da Champ distraught and couldn’t do any music without his best homie. Champ and his wife supported Flu throughout his time in jail by enabling phone calls and keeping in touch with others close to Flu including the mother of his child and their twin daughters.

February 2016 Rhymefluid Tha Bar King finished his time and came home. Close friends and family members celebrated with Flu and joined his boy Young Noah Da Champ on their first two shows together since coming back home performing Good Love Music and a Mobb Deep classic hit called Real Survive, a remix of Mobb Deep’s Survival Of The Fittest which was recorded in 2013. Alongside reuniting with Champ, Flu is also dominating the battle Rap Scene seeking to grab the attention of KOTD and URL to become the best battle lyricist in Rap and Young Noah Da Champ preparing his Gospel Album Reborn Spirit.

Just recently, Champ and Flu performed at the Arizona Mixtape Music Awards on December 17, 2017 and made an impact in the Arizona Hip-Hop Community. Now in their mid 30’s Young Noah Da Champ and Rhymefluid Tha Bar King plan to set the bar in Hip-Hop history with their upcoming album Rising Icons which features their new hit single, “When I’m On My Grind which is set to be released early this year on thier joint venture labels iLL Money Entertainment (Young Noah Da Champ CEO) and Serveemup Gang (Rhymefluid’s new record label) and group label Lyrical Union Music Group. They also have other hot bangers such as Lady and On Mah Momma along with their good friend and newest member of the group Bozo now known as DJ Phattz recording, mixing and co-producing tracks. As a trio or solo, Champ, Phattz and Flu will continue to be a dynamic lyrical force in Hip-Hop keeping the essence of real music alive.

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